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My name is Shane Jeremy James, and I have always been business-headed.


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Downloaded from: Shane Jeremy James ‘My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and to do so with some passion some compassion some humour and some style.” This just about sums up my persona and the way I journey through life. This famous quote by Maya Angelou signifies the importance of empathy inspiration and motivation and these are all areas which I would like to promote to you via my blogs. Welcome to my first blog on true passion combined with compassion. Now you may be wondering whether there is actually a difference between those two words – passion and compassion. Well in actual fact there is a huge difference between them. The concept of passion is a strong compelling emotion or feeling – a feeling of love hate and desire. Compassion is the ability to show sympathy and concern for the misfortune or unhappiness of others. Let me begin by introducing you to myself and why I wish to write these blogs on motivation compassion and passion. My name is Shane Jeremy James and I have always been business-headed. From the ages of 16 I was reading business articles and learning the art of business. I even started selling hockey cards – not a business I know but obviously demonstrating sheer spirit and entrepreneurship Growing up I had two passions. My first passion was hockey. I loved hockey and although I loved the sport and was pretty good at it if I do say so myself I knew I would never be able to make a career out of it. My dream of joining the NHL faded and I knew it wasn’t meant to be. Instead I focused all my time and energy on my second passion – the passion for business. Not only was business something I wished to pursue but also knew that I wanted to make something of myself – to be successful to be known to make a difference When it comes to business many businessmen focus entirely on money. For me it is not how much I earn but how much I could make a difference. Of course money plays an important factor and the fact that your hard work can earn you profit is obviously a plus. However I love to make money knowing that I made it doing a worthwhile job.