Mouse Trapping 101


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A DIY guide to catching those unwanted house guests. Capture mice humanely with an Electronic Mouse Trap


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Mouse Trapping 101:

Mouse Trapping 101 How to prepare for house guests this winter.

Winter’s Coming Fast:

Winter’s Coming Fast If the past is any indication, homeowners need to be prepared for any unwanted house guests in the winter. Rodents such as mice and rats have a tendency to migrate indoors in search of warmer conditions, better shelter, and easier food foraging conditions.

Why take protective action?:

Why take protective action? Rodents can cause a lot of damage as well as cause an unpleasant home experience. Could begin breeding within your home. They Transmit Disease Damage to: Clothing Electrical Wiring Causing Fires and Failure of appliances Mice droppings contaminate: Food Furniture Other Household Items

Tools for Control:

Tools for Control Rodenticides These are baits with toxic chemicals located in them Electronic Mouse Traps A humane way of removing rodents. Use bacon, peanut butter or raisins to attract. Glue Boards Pest Control Companies

How to Prevent Mice:

How to Prevent Mice Better food storage and sanitation practices will all increase the likelihood that your home will stay mice free. Cover up all holes, and cracks in the foundation of your home. Mice can fit into spaces smaller than a dime.


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