What Happens To Mosquitoes During the Winter Months

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Why Mosquitoes Come Out In Winter, and the dangerous diseases that a Mosquito carries with it.


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Where do mosquitoes Go DURING THE WINTER MONTHS:

Where do mosquitoes Go DURING THE WINTER MONTHS And the diseases they Carry

Why mosquitoes are less EVIDENT DURINg WINTER:

Why mosquitoes are less EVIDENT DURINg WINTER We all know that the summer months are full of of mosquito attacks and tons of itchy bites. But very few know what actually happens to them as soon as the months get cold.

Where Mosquitoes Go:

Where Mosquitoes Go While they no longer agitate as much as in the summer months. Mosquitoes still live during the winter months: Mostly females survive throughout the winter, while their male counterparts die off. Female Mosquitoes “hibernate” or remain inactive during the winter, while they lay their eggs. The eggs lay dormant until spring comes. In order to survive, they must build a home in shelter safe from the harsher outdoor conditions. Therefore, they build their homes in hollow logs, or animal burrows.

Why Mosquito bites occur most in spring:

Why Mosquito bites occur most in spring Mosquitoes who have survived the winter are in search for a meal to help their eggs develop and hatch. After they have feasted on the first spring bloodmeal , they are able to lay their eggs in the nearest standing water source.

Mosquito Diseases:

Mosquito Diseases Beware during spring months for Mosquitoes can carry a number of diseases: Dengue Fever Malaria West Nile Virus Yellow Fever Heartworm

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