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DAY TWO Janet Phillips Developmental English

Sacred Writing Time Did you come to class with an idea to write about? As soon as class starts, quietly make that pencil dance!:

Sacred Writing Time Did you come to class with an idea to write about? As soon as class starts, quietly make that pencil dance! It’s January 24. Today is “ National Compliment Day .” What compliment would you most like to receive? Trivial Fact of the Day : A snail can sleep for three years. What would you miss most if you started sleeping for three straight years…starting tomorrow? Interesting Quote of the Day : “Only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.” --Oprah Winfrey (American TV personality) Vocabulary Word of the Day : abase (verb) – this action word means to humiliate or degrade. Bullies—unfortunately—think it’s okay to abase their victims? Who else thinks it’s okay to abase others?

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Folders will be a way to encourage you to be on time. The first five minutes of class, you will write on paper in your folder. There is no length requirement. Your entry may be a sentence or two, or it may be a paragraph. Entries should be dated . At the end of the five minutes, the topics will no longer be on the screen, so if you are late, you must access Blackboard to get the topic and bring it with you the next class to put it into your folder. Folders will be worth 100 points (50 points at mid-term and 50 more at the end of the semester).

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Friend Raven Blackboard Discussion Board Spring Semester folder Student e-mail Grades Student E-mail MWL

Phillips69688 Don’t worry; we will do this together!:

MyLab / Mastering Student Registration Instructions To register for English 93 Phillips: 1. Go to 2. Under Register, click Student. 3. Enter your instructor’s course ID: phillips69688, and click Continue. 4. Sign in with an existing Pearson account or create an account: · If you have used a Pearson website (for example, MyITLab , Mastering, MyMathLab , or MyPsychLab ), enter your Pearson username and password. Click Sign In. · If you do not have a Pearson account, click Create. Write down your new Pearson username and password to help you remember them. 5. Select an option to access your instructor’s online course: · Use the access code that came with your textbook or that you purchased separately from the bookstore. · Phillips69688 Don’t worry; we will do this together!


Buy access using a credit card or PayPal. · If available, get 17 days of temporary access. (Look for a link near the bottom of the page.) 6. Click Go To Your Course on the Confirmation page. Under MyLab / Mastering New Design on the left, click English 93 Phillips to start your work. Retaking or continuing a course? If you are retaking this course or enrolling in another course with the same book, be sure to use your existing Pearson username and password. You will not need to pay again. To sign in later: 1. Go to 2. Click Sign In. 3. Enter your Pearson account username and password. Click Sign In. 4. Under MyLab / Mastering New Design on the left, click English 93 Phillips to start your work. Additional Information See Students > Get Started on the website for detailed instructions on registering with an access code, credit card, PayPal, or temporary access. Continued…..

Assignment for next Tuesday:

Assignment for next Tuesday Discussion Board Write an "I Am" Poem You earn 20 points for completing this and commenting on at least one other person's poem.  Tell that person something you both share or something you like about the way he or she worded a line. Directions for Discussion Board are on the Class Information Page, but if you have trouble, I am here today to help you. Be sure before you leave today that you know you can access the discussion board.


Do your best because anything you already know and can master will lighten your workload as the semester progresses! This does not count for a grade, but it determines your Pathway. At the end of the semester, the Post-test counts as a grade. Pre-TEST MWL

Next Tuesday:

We will be in the computer lab next Tuesday too. I will teach a short lesson, but after the lesson you will have at least one half hour to write a paragraph. I will tell you the topic then. You will be using all your skills to organize and to write the paragraph. I need to know how much you know before I know what you need to learn! This paragraph will be a graded assignment, but if you are not satisfied with your grade, you will the opportunity to redo the assignment. After you write your paragraph, you may move on to the new discussion board. Next Tuesday