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Our services include Add Background to image photoshop remove black background Photoshop, remove white background from image, remove background editor, delete white background Photoshop, remove white background, best background editor, cut backgrounds, remove background color, Photoshop crop background out Each of these services has a special process of enhancing the photos to present the most positive image.


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Clipping path service Technically the Photoshop clipping path is known as “the background out of an image” or removing background from image. It’s a process used in different image editing software by using pen tools and this path is especially applied to the image which has the sharp edge to be edited well. Its quality depends on the image editor So with the help of clipping path a professional image editor can exactly pick the stuff from the image he wants to move and place. When it becomes a new word in outsourcing world as clipping path service anyone can assume that how big the clipping path

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Industry is and the importance of its work as well. Let’s see how it works in a photo editing software. First launch any photo editing software say for it is Photoshop. Open the image I want to do clipping path. In this software the .jpeg format of image takes few seconds to open because this is a small size format. So after opening the image file we’ll go window menu to select path option which will lead us to open a path layer. Keep this layer aside for our next job. Now select a pen tool from tool box. Sometimes it doesn’t show up if so then bring it up from window menu by clicking tools option which is a bit changed look as pen pointer instead of normal pointer. Start pointing on the image with the pan tool around the image edge it’d be like click and release pointer on the image edge in a short distance so that the work goes as perfect lining or selecting. When you come to the starting point or anchor point again which is actually the ending point of the lining simultaneously and at that time you’ll see that the pointer turned into “o” After completing the job your selected image needs to cut out in a new background so go to the window menu again and double click on work path and the work path will give you a new saving window as clipping path 1. You can change the name of the clipping path 1 as your need. Change the save format of the file as. jpeg as well and then click save. A new file will be created for your image file which has a brand new background or you can delete the background by selecting the select option and hit inverse then press ctrl key select the path layer and press delete. These are all about the process of clipping path or removing background from the image.

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Types of Clipping Path: There are different types of clipping path. As we mention: simple or basic clipping path medium complex super complex clipping path color path or multiple clipping path are some of them. In this regard clipping path service are huge in volume. It relates lots of thing under one umbrella. You can have image retouching and restoring raster to vector image Photoshop image masking image shading image manipulation image enhancement neck joint service object removing etc from here.How it Works Today’s clipping path service is a big industry in online market most are based on Asia especially in south Asia. Clipping path freelancer the clipping path service is simple: client upload images and instruction and service provider return their finished job in a download link and client pays for the job. This service cost based on the turnaround time and complexity of the given job and vary price.

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