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SOUTH AMERICA Yes, You Need to Take Notes!

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Turn to p. 266 in your text

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Amazon River Andes Mountains

Archipelagos : 

Archipelagos Definition: A chain or cluster or collection of islands considered part of the same group. Example: Falkland Islands Example: Galápagos Islands

Falkland Islands : 

Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands cont. : 

Falkland Islands cont. Discovered in 1690, uninhabited 300 miles from South America 700 miles from Antarctica And yet, snow is very rare! High is 58oF; Low is 37oF 3800 miles from Africa

Galápagos Islands : 

Galápagos Islands

Galapagos Islands cont. : 

Galapagos Islands cont. Charles Darwin Indigenous species are threatened Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)

The Incas : 

The Incas Largest empire in Pre-Columbian America Located in modern-day Peru along the Andes Mountains. Francisco Pizarro Smallpox Pandemics

Colonization : 

Colonization Amerigo Vespucci Spain & Portugal A very tiny bit of Dutch and British influence Christianity & Infectious Diseases

Line of Demarcation : 

Line of Demarcation

Terracing : 


Terracing cont. : 

Terracing cont. Definition: a leveled section of a hilly cultivated area; a method of soil conservation to slow or prevent the rapid surface runoff of water (mudslides). Prevalent in mountainous areas of SE Asia and Western South America. Increases agricultural productivity by extending the farming area available to grow crops.

Coups & Stability : 

Coups & Stability Consequences of Colonialism Political Unrest Everywhere! Peron (1940s-50s), Che (1960s), Hugo Chavez (1999-) and hundreds more!

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COUNTRIES & CAPITALS Brazil - Brasília French Guiana - Cayenne Guyana - Georgetown Venezuela - Caracas Colombia - Bogota Ecuador - Quito Peru - Lima Bolivia - Sucre Chile - Santiago Argentina - Buenos Aires Uruguay - Montevideo Paraguay - Asunción Suriname - Paramaribo PHYSICAL FEATURES Andes Mountains Amazon River

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COUNTRIES Brazil French Guiana Guyana Venezuela Colombia Ecuador Peru Bolivia Chile Argentina Uruguay Paraguay Suriname PHYSICAL FEATURES Andes Mountains Amazon River CAPITALS Asunción Caracas Quito Buenos Aires Santiago Montevideo Brasília Paramaribo Bogota Georgetown Lima Cayenne Sucre

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