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Hybrid Reactive Power Compensation System for Low Voltage Applications. It is used as a new generation of compensation module with functions of energy saving, reduction of line loss, power factor enhancement and improvement of power quality.


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About Reactive Compensation Reactive compensation improves grid power factor in power supply system. It also reduces the power loss of transformer and transmission line. It improves power efficiency and the environment.So the reactive power compensation device plays an important role in the power supply system. Improper selection or use of compensation device will cause many factors such as harmonic increase and voltage swell or dip.

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Advantages of Reactive Compensation • Stabilize the voltage of power grid and improve power quality • Improve power factor reduce capacity and equipment investment • Reduce line loss improve the transmission capacity of active power • Balance the active power and reactive power of three-phase power grid • Reduce the loss of transformer improve the utilization of transformer.

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Schematic Analysis of Reactive Compensation • Reactive power Q1↓Apparent S1↓ Total currentI1↓ active power P not change • Power factor COSΦ↑P (not change )/S↓ • Since reactive power Q1↓ with apparent S1Q1↓ total current I1Q1↓ active power is unchanged • Power factor COSΦ↑P unchanged/ S↓

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Economical Advantage of Reactive Compensation One factory transformer is 2000kVA power factor is 0.85 at present loading rate is 80 target improved power factor is 0.95 how much economic benefits will it take Bill calculation Power factor 0.85Bill forfeit2.5 Power factor 0.95or 1Bill reward0.75 Average unit price 1usd/degree Annual forfeit before compensation2000×0.85×0.8x24x30x12x1x2.5293000 usd Annual reward after compensation2000×0.95×0.8x24x30x12x1x0.7599000 usd Total billing: 293000 99000392000usd

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