The Top 11 Mortgage Podcasts for Practical Advice in 2020

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Mortgage podcasts are a great way to get personal access to the most relevant expert advice in the industry.


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The Top 11 Mortgage Podcasts for Practical Advice in 2020 :

The Top 11 Mortgage Podcasts for Practical Advice in 2020 Mortgage podcasts are a great way to get personal access to the most relevant expert advice in the industry. But how do you pick the best, most engaging mortgage podcasts with so many options to choose from?  Explore our line-up of 11 incredibly actionable and value-packed mortgage podcasts, hosted by some of the most successful and ambitious leaders of our industry!

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#1.  Mortgage Marketing Radio  with Geoff Zimpfer With over 300,000 downloads, Mortgage Marketing Institute is one of the top rated podcasts in the mortgage industry. Its host, Geoff Zimpfer, is a National Sales Trainer and Coach with Movement Mortgage who regularly interviews top industry performers. What sets Geoff apart as a host is his unique ability to get to the bottom of the processes of every elite performer and glean  actionable advice on generating leads  and expanding operations.  Geoff and guests like Todd Duncan, Tim Braheem, and Dave Savage share with their audience blueprint-like recipes for success in loan origination and mortgage leadership. Geoff also regularly provides insights on advanced strategies for teaching agent classes and getting more real estate referrals in less time.  Here are just some of the topics regularly covered on the Mortgage Marketing Institute podcast : Advanced strategies for mortgage lead generation Digital and social media mortgage marketing  Productivity and operation excellence Mortgage industry trends

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Best episode :  How to Close 212 Loans with Agent Teams and Client Events #2.  Mortgage Marketing Expert  with Phil Treadwell The Mortgage Marketing Expert (MME) podcast is a founding member of Industry Syndicate, a podcast network that includes a total of 28 podcast shows for the mortgage and real estate industries.  MME is hosted by  Phil Treadwell , a mortgage industry veteran with over 16 years of experience who’s currently serving as VP of Development and Regional Manager for Mason-McDuffie Mortgage . Named one of the “40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals Under 40” by National Mortgage Professional Magazine, Phil knows top industry talent when he sees it, and every week he invites the most ambitious mortgage and marketing leaders to his podcast . Some of the guests that have sat down with Phil include Gary Vaynerchuk, Barry Habib, and Dale Vermillion. Here are the themes Phil covers with his star guests : Mortgage systems for sustainable business Latest digital content strategies for mortgage professionals Strategies to boost market share Reputation and brand management

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Best episode :  Video & Branding with The Mortgage Nerd   #3.  Mortgage X Podcast  with Christine Beckwith and Jason Frazier Mortgage X Podcast is hosted by two amazing mortgage industry leaders: an  award-winning mortgage marketer  in Jason Frazier, and brilliant coach and founder of  20/20 Vision for Success  training, Christine Beckwith . Both co-hosts are well-versed in the most up-to-date and disruptive strategies in mortgage marketing and offer a refreshing, no-holds-barred approach and practical insights into what works in the industry.  What makes the Mortgage X podcast stand out is its vivid focus on the future of the mortgage market. Additionally, the strategies discussed on the podcast help mortgage professionals stay afloat in a rapidly changing digital environment.  Christine and Jason interview a wide roster of guests, including top performing loan originators, mortgage thought leaders, and professionals from other industries that offer unique out-of-the-box insights on staying competitive both today and tomorrow .   Here are some of the topics covered in-depth on the Mortgage X Podcast : Out-of-the-box thinking in growing your mortgage business Tactics to engage the modern mortgage customer Neuroscience and psychology behind mortgage relationships Mortgage career advice

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Best episode :  Let’s get REAL about becoming a Top Producer #4.  Lykken on Lending  by David Lykken David Lykken is one of the moguls of the mortgage industry. After 43 years in the industry, he easily separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to what works in the mortgage industry and what doesn’t.  For the past 14 years David has been helping companies, C-level leaders, and business owners step up their game and create effective workflows in communication and marketing  that result in market advantages. Listening to “Lykken on Lending”, you can get an inside glimpse into David's winning process and philosophy.  Each episode of “Lykken on Lending” is a 60-minute show that contains several segments from industry experts providing weekly market updates, legislative updates, tech updates, and tips on financial management.  Here are some other topics you can learn more about through the podcast : Growing a mortgage company Data intelligence in mortgage management The future of the housing market Risk management

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Best episode :  Improve Your Mortgage Business Processes Utilizing the Theory of Constraints #5.  Mortgage Matters  with Guy Rivera Consider  Guy Rivera  your inside agent in the mortgage industry. Listening to his Mortgage Matters podcast can make it seem like you’re sitting in a room of friends and colleagues and listening to their best kept real estate secrets . Guy has been a top producing mortgage professional since 2002. In every podcast episode he openly shares his insights with listeners and encourages his colleagues and friends to do exactly the same during the interviews.  Here are some of the topics covered by Guy on the Mortgage Matters podcast:  Mortgage market updates and trends How to build valuable  referral partnerships  with real estate agents Refinance transactions Best episode :  Mortgage Matters from 1st July on Reverse Mortgage

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#6.  Art of Mortgage Marketing  by Doren Aldana Doren Aldana’s Art of Mortgage Marketing podcast will help mortgage professionals expand their mortgage business through clever digital marketing and boost personal productivity through specific advice, straight from a top performer.  Doran has helped thousands of mortgage specialists become top performing agents in their market through his  Mortgage Marketing Coach  training program, gaining a prestigious “Best Industry Service Provider” award from Canadian Mortgage Awards three years in a row.  On each episode of the podcast, Doran covers a specific workflow or tool that can help loan officers overcome some challenging situations with a client, expand their circle of influence, or increase personal productivity.  Here are some of the topics recently covered on the Art of Mortgage Marketing podcast: Busting common client objections Building stability in the mortgage business Attracting powerful agent partnerships Market share expansion Best episode :  How to EXPAND Your Market Share While Everyone Else is CONTRACTING

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#7.  Million Dollar Mortgage Experience  with Jon Maddox Million Dollar Mortgage Experience is a podcast hosted by Jon Maddox, CEO and co-founder of  FundLoans , a wholesale mortgage lender that specializes in non-QM lending. Jon is one of the top industry experts in jumbo loans and shares in-depth knowledge, tricks and secrets that help mortgage professionals originate more loans.  Although Jon’s niche expertise makes this podcast a great resource for non-QM originators, other agents can also enjoy great insights, as he regularly invites million-dollar industry performers and marketing experts to analyze market trends and share their personal workflows.  Here are some of the topics covered on the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience podcast:  Crisis management Mortgage top performer mentality and productivity hacks Risk management Technology disruption in mortgage industry Best episode :  The Making of a Million Dollar Mentality  

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#8.  Beyond Mortgage  by Dan Trinidad Dan Trinidad , the host of the Beyond Mortgage podcast, is a seasoned mortgage industry leader who founded his company,  Partners Mortgage  back in 1988.Since then, he has experienced every imaginable up and down of growing a successful mortgage business.  In his podcast he regularly interviews mortgage leaders, digging deeper into what it takes to create powerful and fulfilling mortgage businesses . Instead of focusing on certain loan origination workflows and local tips for closing more loans, Dan dives deep into the power of effective leadership, exploring how mortgage leaders can change their businesses and lives in big ways.  Here are some of the topics that Dan dives into with his guests : Effective mortgage leadership Work-life balance Customer relationships Mortgage team culture and alignment Best episode :  How to Effectively Drive Culture & Work Efficiently From Home w/Debbie Marcoux

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#9.  The SCL Mortgage Show  with Larry Jaeger The SCL Mortgage Show is a weekly podcast hosted by industry veteran Larry Jaeger. Jaeger is a founder of SCL Mortgage and the successful entrepreneur behind several multi-million dollar mortgage businesses . In his weekly show, Larry discusses the most recent mortgage market updates and shares advice that you can instantly apply to your mortgage business in the current landscape.  Larry provides deeps insights on the following topics: Loan origination best practices Market updates Mortgage partnerships Best episode :  The SCL Mortgage Show from 4th July 2020: Loan Score and Prequalification

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#10.  The Mortgage Brothers Show  with Eddie and Tom Knoell The Mortgage Brothers Show podcast is hosted by brothers Eddie and Tom Knoell. Combined, they have 30 years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry.  Both brothers share their insights on the process of getting loans and loan origination information in Arizona.   Although Tom and Eddie mostly educate loan borrowers, mortgage professionals can also learn how to explain mortgage concepts to clients from their podcast . Here are some of the topics they’ve recently covered , Questions about down payments The difference between a home mortgage and an investment Home value appreciation Dealing with debt collectors Best episode :  15 Year Mortgage vs 30 Year Mortgage  

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#11.  Housing News  by Clayton Collins The Housing News podcast is one of the best ways to catch up on recent mortgage market news, trends, and opinions.  The podcast, hosted by Clayton Collins, covers a lot of ground, with guests spanning industries that include mortgage, real estate, and fintech spaces.  Some of the most recent topics featured on the Housing News podcast are : Technology trends in real estate & mortgage The state of the mortgage industry Real estate job market statistics Updates on  mortgage compliance  and regulations  Best episode :  MBS Highway’s Barry Habib on Calabria, Forbearance and the Job Market Many of us don't get the chance to hang out with top performers on a daily basis—after all, there’s a lot of work to be done and not nearly enough time. But podcasts give us the unique ability to listen to our favorite experts when and where we want to . We hope you've enjoyed our lineup of the most engaging and knowledge-packed podcasts. Check out the episodes we’ve picked for you, and we’re confident you’ll hear something that truly resonates with your business needs.

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