Microsoft Windows 10 Features Part 2

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Microsoft Windows 10 Features Part 2


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Microsoft Windows 10 Features Part 2 :

Microsoft Windows 10 Features Part 2 Hits the market with fabulous features and much more. Server Consultancy (


With continuation to Part 1 – Windows 10 top 10 enhancements and features that you should know, here are remaining features of top 10 Windows 10 enhancements.

Flapped File Explorer :

Flapped File Explorer


For a long time, Windows users had been urging to this feature and it is a good news that finally with new windows 10 OS, flapped file explorer is coming on your devices. This feature enables users to open multiple explorer on Windows device.

OTA Recovery System :

OTA Recovery System


Just like OS X, Windows 10 may bring similar recovery system. The OS X features an option for downloading or introducing OS particularly on an empty Hard Disk. At a time, when your system have no windows, the only alternate is to get the OS IMG downloaded from any other PC and then, make a USB Device that is Bootable. After it, follow various windows installation methods. In OS X, one can just boot in the recovery, whether the hard drive is fully empty, and can introduce OS X from the web as well. There is no need of the USB bootable drive for the same.

Window Management Feature In Windows 10 :

Window Management Feature In Windows 10


The feature windows management is amazing in windows 10. It helps one to move it to minimize, give proper placement, cascade windows and much more. When working on 2 or 3 features, they won’t affect one another.

Dark Theme & More Themes Coming To Windows 10 :

Dark Theme & More Themes Coming To Windows 10


The new Windows 10 includes a dark theme which was earlier incomplete; however, now Microsoft brings the complete theme to allow users to get theme of their choice. Whether you can light theme or a dark one, you can manage it easily from: • Settings > Personalisation > Colours It is especially dedicated to Store apps; however do not expect as each app would listen to your settings and will obey the commands. Now, there is a new option namely “Show Colour On Title Bar” which enables users to apply colours of their choice on title bar of Windows.

Microsoft Edge Is Supporting Browser Extensions Now :

Microsoft Edge Is Supporting Browser Extensions Now


With windows 10, you will see Edge browser supports extensions as well. Earlier version was not providing support to browser extensions. Due to this reason, Edge was considered as incomplete as was not accepted by several users. But, finally with the new update of Windows 10, it will support browser extensions positively.


This is a complete list of top 10 features of Windows 10 Build 2016. Although, the list of new enhancements and features is quite long; yet we have listed on the best out of them to make you aware of what to expect from the new OS.


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