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As travel and tourism culture increases the craze for going to new places does too. There are many places Indians desire to visit one of them being London. But there are certain doubts in the minds of people with regards to the Visa application. What needs to be submitted and how is something that troubles everyone. Worried about the entire process The steps mentioned here are there to solve the problem. Usually visited around winters here are the details of what needs to be done to get Indian visa UK.

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The requirements for the London Visa • File the application three months prior to the travel date: When you apply for the UK visa make sure you do the application filing at least 3 months prior to the traveling date. Also when deciding the travel date don’t book tour packages and also don’t book flight tickets unless the visa is approved. • Important documents to be submitted: When applying for the visa there are certain things that need to be submitted before going for an interview. The documents are the visa application receipt appointment confirmation your passport from before expiry date and should have at least two blank pages.

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• Certain requirements for passport size photographs: The passport size photograph must be of 45mm x 35mm. Also recheck the phot og r aph’ s requirements in the visa form and make sure you keep up to those as if not your application may be rejected. • What needs to be done if one wishes to change the appointment date: If one wishes to change the appointment and interview date due to some circumstances then they must resubmit the application form. To avoid any such thing recheck your schedule as resubmitting the application again and again it is a hectic task. • Take care of the carryover documents: While going for the visa interview make sure you carry all the documents mentioned in the visa application form as any document may be asked by them during the interview process. Also do take a printed copy of the application with you when going for the interview.

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• Apply for a priority visa service: If you are in a hustle apply for the priority visa service to ensure you get your work done faster and can travel as soon as possible. • What needs to be done if the trip is sponsored: If you are traveling through the help of sponsorship make sure you carry all the documents related to that during your interview as the sponsorship is done by whom why and the entire purpose needs to be proved. • What if the expenses are done by you: If the expenses are paid and fulfilled by you then make sure you have the desired Income Tax Return statements and bank statements prepared in a printed form to show during your interview. Als remember certain details verbally for answering the questions with regards to your income and field of work.

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These are the certain things required for a UK visa when submitted. When you wish to get Indian visa UK make sure you have all these documents and requirements fulfilled before you present yourself at the embassy. All these things when prepared in a well-mannered way increase your chances of getting the visa.

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