Use Graphene Coating to Protect Your Car from the Elements of Nature

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Use Graphene Coating to Protect Your Car from the Elements of Nature. Use hydrophobic coating which is an excellent way to repel water from the car.


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Use Graphene Coating to Protect Your Car from the Elements of Nature Sentinel Autocare Address: The Lodge, Preston Towers, Preston Road, North Shields Tyne & Wear, NE29 9JU United Kingdom

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Your car may come from the showroom gleaming and shining. But many adverse factors can change the look very soon. This is especially true in a hot and humid country like UK. The paint on your car will soon fade and will give your car an old look. Elements like moisture, dirt, UV rays of the sun, bird droppings, etc. contribute to the fading of the paint on your car. If you want to stop the fading and protect your car, then you must essentially give an additional coating on the paint. Coatings like wax and sealants do give a level of protection, but they too vanish after some time. What you need is a protective layer that will stay for a long time. Ceramic is touted as the best for car coating. But is there something better than that?

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Get the Strongest Coating of Them All The latest product for coating is graphene which is so far the strongest materials to be known to humans. It is light, strong, flexible, and resistant to heat. Graphene coating is increasingly being used as a coating for cars. The advantage of Graphene over ceramic is that it doesn't allow water spots to form. Ceramic coatings retain heat and because of this any moisture on the surface will become water spots. Graphene, on the other hand, reduces the heat on the surface and prevents water spots from forming. Graphene’s structure provides it with a very high water contact angle. This means that water will not stick to the surface. Water will slide off the surface without getting a chance to evaporate from the surface. The electrical and thermal conductivity properties of graphene make it anti-static. This means that it can repel dust and micro-particles effectively. There will be a minimal buildup of dust when you give your car the best graphene coating . The excellent properties of graphene have made it the product of choice for coating on cars. Added to the hydrophobic properties, this material has excellent anti-corrosion properties that are very essential in Singapore which is on the coast. The salty winds from the sea can affect any metal very badly. The material is highly slick and will give your car the new shining look. Graphene has very high durability and can last at least 5 years on the surface of your paint.

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Let Water Not Damage The Appearance Of Your Car Water is the greatest enemy of your car. Water can cause havoc to your paint. Moisture can damage your car's body very quickly. Water can stay on the surface of the car after washing. Even the slightest indentation on the surface can retain water that can damage the surface. Water droplets also spoil the slick and shiny appearance of your car. It is not just the paint that water affects. The car windshield and other glass surfaces can also be badly affected by water. They form spots which will make visibility bad. When water sticks to the surface of your vehicle it will also attract dust, which will make your car look dirty. A hydrophobic coating is an excellent way to repel water from the car.

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The term hydrophobic means something that repels water. The hydrophobic coating for metal will not allow water to stick to the paint surface of your car. It will make water slide off the surface very quickly preventing any water drop marks being formed. This coating will also give your car a shiny and new appearance. It will prevent the accumulation of dust on the surface.

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