Work hard Play harder- Varun Manian

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Interview with Varun Manian on rise of Radiance Realty and Varun Manian as an entrepreneur


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Work hard play harder- Varun manian:

Work hard play harder- Varun manian Exclusive interview with entrepreneur


Varun Manian Varun Manian is one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in India. He is the Managing Director of Radiance Realty and Radiance Media Group all of which are a part of the Radiance Group of Companies. Success did not come to him easy. Soon after completing school, Manian went abroad to pursue higher education. He graduated from New York University in the year 2004. Varun had ample career opportunities, but he decided to return to his roots and joined the family’s business, NAPC Construction Ltd. Through his dedication and hard work, he reached the position of Vice Chairman in the 8 years he worked there.


This third generation entrepreneur who heads Radiance Realty Developers India Ltd, a real estate venture that is his brainchild, is passionate about his business. His gracious home on a leafy avenue in a posh locality in Chennai reflects the elegance and charm of the man. Born into one of the well-known, old Chennai families, Varun has had a privileged childhood. Nevertheless, he is determined to strive and succeed on his own terms. He recollects, “I grew up with two working parents. My mother worked for a travel agency and my father inherited his construction business from his father.” Varun grew up in a joint family with his parents and grandparents; he lost his grandfather when he was very young. His father and his uncle – his father’s younger brother who is no more – worked in the family business. Says Varun, “I grew up in a work-charged atmosphere. So it would have been illogical of me to think I would be doing anything else except this.” Interview Insights


Varun Manian recollects cherished childhood memories in the warm embrace of his family and the fun holidays they would embark on. “ My father would insist on taking us abroad every year on a holiday to see the world and get exposure. Those trips were very memorable. Once he took us to Spain and insisted we watch their famous bull fight and observe their culture; that experience is still fresh in my mind.” So did he have a pampered childhood? “Not really, I don’t think it was a pampered childhood…comfortable, yes. I think my sister was pampered, not me… she’s had it easy, being the younger one,” Varun chuckles and continues, “I would go to school in a car pool and we would make sure the car was shared by at least three other people so our car would go to school only twice a week. These were small, but important values taught to us. We used to travel by train as much as possible when I grew up…so we were not completely spoiled, I would say.” But this hard-headed, practical upbringing has borne fruit. He reflects, “I totally believe that one of the motivations for me to do well in business and succeed has been that my parents never gave me all the luxuries when I was growing up. “ Interview Insights


Radiance Realty is Varun’s brainchild. He proudly says, “The real estate business is completely my baby. I am passionate about it and believe being a local player is a massive advantage . Look at a huge company like DLF – they still make most of their profits out of Gurgaon but when they come to Chennai, the going gets very tough for them, because they don’t have the local knowledge that is so vital in this business. Also the fact that we are an old, well-respected family has proved to be a huge advantage for us to be in this space. And you know the other big advantage we have in real estate – that made us dive into it – is that we’ve been a construction company our whole life; building is in our DNA – it is a great skill that we have.” Interview Insights on Radiance Realty Read full interview on Work Hard Play Harder – Varun Manian


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