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Michael Hastings Tinley Park, Senator Michael Hastings, Michael Hastings Illinois:

Michael Hastings Tinley Park, Senator Michael Hastings, Michael Hastings Illinois


Michael E. Hastings born on October 6, 1980, is a democratic member of Illinois senate. Formerly, he was an officer in the United States Army, a vice-president of a school board and a businessman. The senate was born in Orland Hills and studied in Victor J. Andrew High School. He graduated from West Point in 2003 and later he served in Iraq as an advanced rank of captain. He completed his master’s in business administration and earned a doctorate degree from John Marshall Law School in Chicago.


Michael Hastings Tinley Park believes in developing the economic environment in order to create good paying jobs to boost the quality of life of people. His main aim is to eliminate the reasons why businesses are closing, and families are struggling. He has taken many steps to remove the obstacles to prevent unemployment. Recently he was found to push the Illinois state police to use the old high school building as a District 5 headquarters which currently is located in Lockport. He also said that the extra property on the school campus could be used to build a crime lab which is going to create many jobs in the area. The senator foresaw the economic benefit of the community when state police and other authorities moved to the property.


Furthermore, the senator Michael Hastings has also planned to start the mental health institute in Tinley Park. MIRA has noted that no other hospital in the area, other than Ingalls in Harvey has the inpatient mental health care facilities for children and adolescents. For this reason, the adolescent patients end up getting admitted in the hospitals far situated from the area. The Tinley Park mental institute offers a safer and closer place for the metal patient.


Michael Hastings Illinois has been one of the best senators of Illinois who has worked very hard for the development of the area. He has played a key role in the set up of a new airport in Peotone and worked for the pension reformation.

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