LED Solar Street Lights Are Replacement to Conventional Street Lights


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A good source of light has significant role to either repel or attract customers. Commercial buildings should possess properly lit spaces, which would brighten up patrons’ mood, as suggested in behavioral psychology. However, most of the times, lit up of big spaces lead to huge electricity bills for companies.


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LED Solar Street Lights Are the Latest Replacement to Conventional Street Lights LED street lighting is a creatively new substitute to conventional street lights, for example, HPS, LPS, or MH street lights. LED lamps offer so many benefits over typical incandescent light: LED street lamps are eco-friendly, power efficient and affordable. This smart choice for exterior illumination has appeared on the green scene because of the late technological improvements of LED lighting.

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But more greener choice for you is Solar LED street light ing unit. They’re energy saving & eco-friendly, which can be employed for park, residential road and so on. High-quality solar panel soaks up sun rays and convert into electrical power, then charges maintenance-free battery and eventually LED street lights mechanically when day off, automatic deactivated when day break . The working procedure of integrated solar LED street light is: solar panel soaks up and change it to electrical energy to run LED street lights. The whole unit is generally composed by 60W LED street lamp, lead acid battery, pole, solar panel and solar street light controller.

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Due to diverse climatic condition in diverse nation and diverse needs from diverse market the specification of every part of the entire solar street lighting unit, particularly solar panel & battery are relying on the below mentioned aspects: • Standard daily sunshine hours • Working times of the unit per night • Back up time of the solar unit throughout rainy days Benefits of All in one solar led street light ing projects: • Higher power and higher intensity • Low power usage • Save you from electricity bill. Protect electric transformer & cable expenditure • Free of maintenance • Environment friendly as it eradicate hazardous disposal • Longer lifespan – lifetime of solar panel is 20 to 25 years. Lifetime of LED street light is 6 to 8 years. Lifetime of battery is 4 to 6 years .

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Buying solar LED street light online is the best way to get quality product and some discounts as well. The internet is also the best place to find a good number of reputed solar LED suppliers and choose one that best suits your needs. However, buying in bulk is always wise if you want a considerable saving on your purchase . Sem Light offers the best and most affordable solar LED solutions for the residential streets, roadways, parks and other outdoor lighting areas . You can also contact them for your customized solar street led light project. So, don’t hang around! Just get in touch for the best possible deal.

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