Nodejs Development: What You Should Know All About?

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Node.js has become one of the go-to technologies for web app development in the modern era. This blog throws light on some important features and factors you should be considered while choosing a node js for your next web app development project.


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Nodejs Development: What You Should Know All About Introduction  Node.js is the server-side platform that is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript                         runtime. Nodejs is built for building fast and scalable development and is the                           advancement of JavaScript development services. The Nodejs Development                 framework uses the event-driven and non-blocking input/output model which                   makes the node perfect for data-intensive applications and scalable                   applications. Nodejs is also preferred for the real-time application running on                       the distributed network.    A famous social media platform for professionals LinkedIn shifted the support                       from Ruby on Rails to Nodejs after looking at the potential of Nodejs. This                             framework is fast and scalable which makes it one of the best choices for                             large-scale organizations. Nodejs is supported by the V8 engine which also                       enhances computing speed.

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The code written in JavaScript can be converted into the native programming                         language which also attracts the enterprises for better scalability. A number of                         features make a compelling statement to hire Nodejs developers for the fast                         efficient scalable and perfect app development process.  Top Companies using Nodejs  1. LinkedIn  2. NetFlix  3. Walmart  4. Trello  5. PayPal  6. Uber  7. eBay  Important Features of Nodejs    To date Nodejs has got billion of downloads by beginners and Nodejs experts                           both. This framework is highly used to create real-time apps IoT apps and apps                             for small and large scale businesses. Several benefits and powerful backup made                         Node get the popularity faster than any other technology. The fast-paced                       development and efficient applications made Node the most demanded                   developer skills in today’s world. To sum up a Node in a simple mathematical                             equation:    Nodejs runtime environment + JavaScript environment    Some of the most viable features of Nodejs are:  ● Robust Tech Stack  ● Universal Runtime environment  ● Efficient and scalable  ● Caching  ● Extensible

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Also Nodejs has quite a large community support which is the most                         contributing factor behind this framework’s continuous development and                 improvement. This is also one of the main reasons for the popularity of Nodejs                             development services. For amateurs the readymade code solutions are                   available on Github leveraging for further development and promoting the                     reusable model.  Reason Why Nodejs is so popular    There are large talent tools available on Nodejs which helps enterprises design                         and deploy apps. The biggest reason behind the popularity of Nodejs is the                           support of the use of JavaScript behind the scene. JavaScript is an easy                           language that almost every developer knows which makes Nodejs easy to learn.                         Here are a few reasons why Nodejs is so popular and why clients opt for Node                                 Js development services.  ● Nodejs is faster than its competitors which is why it is best for high                             traffic app development. This is also one of the main reasons for any                           Node Js development company ​ to switch to this framework.  ● Developer can code in JS for both the server-side and client-side which                         bridges the trench between front end development and back end                     development.  ● Node Package Manager facilitates developers with multiple tools which                   increases productivity.  ● Nodejs is secure lightweight because of event-driven architecture that                   too runs on the single thread. Also the code runs faster than other                           languages.  ● Nodejs apps can be developed using popular IDEs such as Visual Studio                         and Eclipse and with basic code editors such as Sublime Text and                         Notepad++  ● Unlike the common SQL database which implements a relational model                     Node supports the document base model. The document base model is                       easy to use and can be hosted anywhere on the cloud hosting provider.

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Advantages of using Nodejs for your web development    Every programming language has some advantages that qualify it to be used on  a particular kind of application. Node is developed for scalable apps whereas  the modern tools make it suitable for complex app development. Here are some  prominent advantages of Node Js:  Performance    Nodejs is upon the V8 runtime. It is written in for operability over multiple                             platforms. Both V8 and Node are frequently updated for security patches                       performance booster and modern features. Node uses JavaScript which                   speeds up the JSON data transformation. JSON is the common data                       interchange format.  Scalable    It runs on a single thread and follows event-driven architecture for being                         lightweight. Nodejs apps are popular for the real-time environment because it                       can handle multiple connections efficiently. Many major web development                   service platforms create an extra thread for each request. This devours up the                           RAM storage making the app slow.  Asynchronous    All APIs are asynchronous in Node Js. This prevents the processes from clashing                           and blocking the resources. Non-blocking architecture is the first catchy feature                       of Nodejs. The server never has to wait for the data to return. The server looks                                 for the next API for the request and the notification mechanism API signals the                             server when the response comes from the previous API.

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Event-Driven    It operates on a single thread and uses the event loop. The callbacks wake the                               process up for Input/output operation which also smoothens the database                     transaction. This is the feature which allows Node to handle million of operation                           concurrently.    The event mechanism also allows the server to respond in a non-blocking way                           using a limited number of threads for handling requests. This makes the server                           scalable in comparison to a traditional server. Unlike the Apache HTTP server                         the node server can communicate with millions of requests simultaneously.  Is Node Js the preferred choice of developers    Obviously Yes The shifting of websites to the Node Js from old frameworks                           also claimed the supremacy of the Javascript-based framework over others.                     JavaScript is not a new entrant in the market. It has been there with web                               development for a long. The interactive webpages and the smooth navigation                       over the single-page apps are the results of flourishing Javascript.    A decade back JavaScript was nowhere considered the protagonist of the web                         development service industry. Still the demand for interactive web apps and                       the communicative framework caused the frameworks to pop up.  In web development HTML and CSS takes note of styling and presenting the                           content whereas JavaScript is responsible for:  ● Powering the web through scripting the behavior.  ● JavaScript handles loads and reloads of the web pages without                     refreshing the web page also known as partial loading made possible                       through Asynchronous JavaScript Ajax.  ● JavaScript enables page element animation and user input validation.

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There is a great demand for JavaScript frameworks for front-end development                       companies and back-end developers after the launch of various JS frameworks.                       Every month JavaScript introduces some new frameworks. Millions of websites                     are running on the third-party JS libraries which also ensure the powerful                         demand.    Among the popular frameworks Nodejs is the best choice for developers for                         app development. Nodejs is powered with a huge library of different JS module                           which simplifies web development and ​mobile app development services​.  Wrap up    The robust tool PM2 process manager makes the work easier to monitor                         optimize and deploy the apps for Nodejs expert. With time Nodejs has been                           growing continuously and gaining new features while offering top-class                   performance.    For a person with enough knowledge of ​web development solution ​ switching to                         Nodejs is too easy. But still for complex apps the code becomes complex.                           Therefore it is always a better idea to hire a Nodejs developer who has both

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expertise and experience in creating result-driven websites and apps for your                       business.  Reference: uld-know-all-about/