No follow Links vs Do follow Links


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The main difference between No follow and Do follow links with respect to SEO.


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No follow Links vs Do follow Links


Links are really important factors in your SEO success. Higher the number of links, your ranking will be higher in SERP. But not all links are considered as same by the search engines. As everybody says quality is more important than quantity when it comes to links. The one important factor that determines the quality of links is whether it is no followed or do followed. Many top SEO companies in Chennai give more importance to gaining do follow links for their clients as it is more valuable than no follow links.


No follow links No follow is an HTML attribute value which implies that particular should not be followed by the search engines. Here is an example of a no follow link . <a href =””  rel =” nofollow ”>Link Text</a > These links will not count as a backlink for target link and it will not have any value in the view of search engines . Even though the search bots don’t follow these links users can follow these links and reach the targeted page.


Do follow links There is actually no do follow HTML attribute. Any links that are not no followed will be considered as do follow the links. An example of do follow link is <a href =”” > Link Text</a > Do follow links will allow search engines to follow these links and it will be considered as a backlink by them. These links will be having higher importance in improving the ranking of a website.


Importance of No follow and do follow While you are in link building process, you should give more importance in gaining more do follow links as possible as these links will help you in increasing the authority of your site and hence improve your site’s ranking in search engine. Since it has more value than no follow links, it is really hard to gain do follow links from other websites as most of the sites are hesitant to allow do follow links.


This doesn’t mean that no follow links have no value to it. Even though these links are not as valuable as do follow links, it still has value in terms of search engines. These links will help you in increasing the referral traffic for your sites. A good SEO expert in Chennai will spent more time and effort in gaining high quality do follow links.

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