The Future of E-vehicle Charging Station in India

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The Future of E-vehicle Charging Station in India As India hurtles towards a technological future electric vehicles will invariably be a part of that future. Whether the switch happens in the next 10 years or 15 years electric vehicles are set to replace petrol and diesel cars on the roads. But in a country of constant innovation and subsequent development the marker for e-vehicles and charging stations is quite huge. Whether the switch happens in 5 years or 10 years it is an invariable part of the country’s future. And therefore as we work towards reducing carbon emissions and our carbon footprint we need to look for alternative modes of travel. While owning a used car might feel like you are contributing less to pollution an e-vehicle is the correct choice. Here is a brief overview of the future of e-vehicle charging stations in India. Making the Switch Switching from a petrol or diesel car to an e-vehicle is sure to be a challenge. However it is a challenge we must all overcome to keep our planet safe. The market for e-vehicles is vast since less than 1 of cars on the road are electric. So whether you have a pre-owned car or second- hand car it might be time to start thinking about the future. Tackling pollution An important reason why the future of e-vehicle charging stations is bright is the need to control pollution. Global summits across the world have called for leaders to come together and work

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towards decreasing carbon emissions to halt or slow down global warming. This is why e- vehicles will soon be a mainstay on our roads and e-vehicle charging stations as common as petrol pumps. Electricity supply in the country It is relatively easy to sell used car online because petrol and diesel are available in abundance. However when it comes to e-vehicles dealing with the lack of electricity in all parts of the country presents a major hurdle. Many parts of the country still suffer from regular power cuts which acts as a deterrent for anyone wanting to purchase an e-vehicle. Cost of establishing a charging station The initial cost of establishing a charging station is quite steep. Only those with a substantial capital can invest in this particular establishment. This would cut off a large number of people who want to operate a charging station and make it into a means for their livelihood. In the country there is also quite a lot of red tape that needs to be passed in order to obtain the necessary permits. Keeping up with changing tech Just as you want to exchange an old car for a new one it is important to keep up with the changing tech for charging stations. Currently there are 3 to 4 different technologies for charging stations which make it difficult to implement any one of those technologies. With the cost associated with establishing a charging station if you invest in one type of technology and it changes you are essentially losing money. Therefore rules and regulations form government bodies are required to attain some uniformity in this field. The future is electrical and that is absolutely the truth. If we want to conserve our resources and reduce our carbon footprint e-vehicles are necessary. And to sustain e-vehicles charging stations are a necessity. If we don’t invest in building infrastructure and guidelines for such charging stations there will be a giant lag between e-vehicles being purchased and then actually being used on the roads. The sooner the government works on creating opportunities in this field the better it will be for the country in the long run. In upcoming future it opens a wide option for buying or selling used car online.

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