Top 4 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home


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Know where to place a security camera at home to let it work at its best? Go through this PPT and read the following home security camera placement tips.


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Top Best Locations to Place Security Cameras at Home:

Top Best Locations to Place Security Cameras at Home


You already know that security cameras can truly help stop home break-ins and keep your family, and property safe from vandals and burglars. However, whatever security camera you choose, its effectiveness can be influenced by where and how you place it. Therefore, for building up home security and crime prevention, the location should be carefully selected so that it can cover the maximum of your premises without getting destroyed. Following are the ideal spots for installing cameras:

Top 4 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home:

Top 4 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home The Front door First Floor Window The Back door The Stairways

The Front Door:

The Front Door The front door of your home is a main entry point for criminals and burglars. When you wonder to place a security camera at this entrance, you need to consider the goal of your security. So it’s a best place for setting it up to monitor the front door is the second-floor level. Peephole cameras are the most suitable to see who is knocking at your front door.

First Floor Window :

First Floor Window The first floor windows of a home are easy targets for thieves.  The glass is nowhere near as secure as a locked door. This can be the entry point for a burglar. The space that a broken pane of glass provides can be large enough so that your property can be moved outside easier than fitting it through a door. So I would recommend placing the camera outside, but in a way where the window can still be viewed.

The Back Door:

The Back Door Burglars can also enters your home through the back door. So, you should install one camera there also. It should be out of the human reach and protected from rocks, sticks, and other projectiles. Make sure that backdoor cameras are hidden or otherwise out of reach. 

The Stairways:

The Stairways A stairway that is inside or outside of the property is a good place for a security camera. These are points in and around the home, which are used to get around the property. Outside stairs may be used to connect a duplex, access a roof, etc. These may be used by burglars to enter the home in an unusual way.  So you should install camera there also.

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