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The United States in Double Size:

The United States in Double Size Unit #3 Chapter #12 At first most American lived in the 13 states near the Atlantic Ocean .But every years more Americans moved to the west .By 1800 almost one million Americans lived on the land between 13 states and Mississippi River. The United States bought new Orleans from Fran's as part of the Louisiana purchase in 1803. Sacagawea and York helped Lewis and Clark get along with Native Americans.

The War of 1812:

The War of 1812 Napoleon Bonaparte started war against great B ritish in 1803.The unites state wanted to trade with both great Britain and France. American wanted to “freedom of the seas "the mean is that ships can sale wherever they want. Dolly Madison saved important papers when the British marched in to Washington D. C. Andrew Jackson and his soldiers won the battle new Orleans. In December 1814 Great Britain and the united states had signed a peace treaty.

The Industrial Revolution:

The Industrial Revolution In the 1700s most people wore clothes that were made by hand. They wore shoes that were made by hand. The B ritish invented machines to help them make clothes. Industrial Revolution was a change in the way gods were made. In 1793 Whitney invented a machine called the cotton gin. In 1807 a man named Robert Fulton sailed a steamboat on the Hudson river in New York. A steam engine helped the boat move faster. The Eve canal helped ships travel all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to lake Erie.

Andrew Jackson:

Andrew J ackson Andrew Jackson was seventh President of our country. He was born near the border between North Carolina and South Carolina in 1767.jackson Farther died before J ackson was born. The U nited S tates fought many battles against Native American. In march 1814 the Creek lost an important battle in Alabama. Andrew Jackson became here people liked him because he won the battle against the Creek and the Battle of New Orleans. American soldiers captured many Seminole during battle in Florida.