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PIR sensor can detect an individual strolling around roughly 10m of its range. Made of pyro electric sensor, PIR sensors can recognize infrared radiations. It tends to be utilized to distinguish things when an individual enters or leaves the territory.


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Welcome To Guangzhou XinYang Electronic Technology CO. Ltd HOW SENSORS ARE STANDING GUARD TO YOUR HOUSE Sensors today can extend their usage to provide various kind of security. It is important to install sensors in the house to secure it from accidents hazards and theft. There are different sensors that guard different areas of the house. Motion Sensor Acting as a linchpin a motion detector is the main device that detects when someone is in your home when they shouldn’t be. It uses one or multiple technologies to detect movement. If a sensor is tripped you receive a signal on your security system. Types of motion sensors include Passive Infrared PIR MicroWave MW Dual Technology Motion Sensor Contact Motion Sensors and Wireless Motion Sensors etc.

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Applications of use: A motion sensor can alert you in case someone enters without your knowledge trigger the doorbell when someone is near the door and alert you when children enter restricted areas at home like medicine cabinet basement or workout room. It can also help save energy by using motion sensor lighting in unoccupied spaces. PIR sensors are used commonly for this purpose. What is a PIR Sensors PIR sensor can sense a person walking around approximately 10m of its radius. Made of pyro electric sensor PIR sensors can detect infrared radiations. It can be used to detect items when an individual enters or leaves the area. They are flat control and minimal effort have a wide lens range and are simple to interface with.PIR sensors are extremely useful in a lot of aspects. You can use it at your home in a lot of places. They can be used in Lift Lobby all outdoor lights shopping malls garden lights basement or covered parking area common staircases and multi complex apartments. The most common application is in the automated doors. Opening and closing the door can be tedious job therefore PIR sensors do it for you

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Water Leak Sensor Water Leak sensors are used to provide an alert so as to prevent water leakages by detecting the presence of water. This can help control water wastage considering how water conservation is a major concern and can also prevent damage by water in your house or at your workplace. A sensor detects water by measuring the electrical conductivity of the water present and completing the circuit to send a signal. Sometimes the signals can also be sent to the owner through notifications on the app that can be read on Smartphone. Areas of Application Water leak detector can be placed in various places. It can be places near your building water tanks or your individual water tank to avoid wastage. It can also be placed near kitchen basin dishwasher washing machines and one in each of the washrooms so that you never have to come back to an apartment filled with leaked water while your possessions float and get spoiled.

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