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Seeds: We Make You Reap Benefits of Effective CSR Campaign We always crib how our past was golden and how the present can never match up to it. Well there is one area where the present has beaten the Past and that is the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility. In present times the days of doing business with only profit in mind are gone. Earlier the business houses and corporates only focused on making profits and did little for the society and less privileged in general. Today’s business world is smarter. Now it is more mindful of society and the environment that their business depends upon. This social awareness and the resultant act has led to the birth of a new term called Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. Corporate social responsibility implies a company’s responsibility for operating in an ethical and sustainable way and dealing with environmental and social impacts in a responsible manner. This includes considering the environment society and the local community where the company is based. The best CSR campaigns in India is closely related to the prevalent environment society and governance factors. Seed was established in 2006 with the sole aim to help the corporates channelize their energy and funds towards the most deserving causes and right channel. Its head Office is located in New Delhi and with 22 Project Offices under their belt it has an edge over others in terms of reach.

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Benefits of CSR Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is a concept that suggests that it is the responsibility of the corporations to contribute toward development and positive impact on society. CSR became popular in the 1960s and now is a formidable part of business operations. Realization has dawned upon corporate that they can do their bit to solve the world’s problems. Thus thousands of new enterprises are working to make the world a better place and add value to people’s daily lives. Responsibility of CSR acts as a guiding light to deploy resources to contribute to the health and welfare of the society. Here are some advantages of having CSR: 1 – Positive impact on the society With CSR companies focus on the ethical and tangible influence of their decisions and action on the society. This mindset they can contribute to making a positive impact 2 – Elevate public value The value that a company contributes to the society or in other words public value guides the organization on delivering the service in such a way that it helps the marginalized section to grow. If you are looking to kick start corporate social responsibility activities in India then you can opt for the able guidance of Seed. They conceptualize design implement and monitor projects as per client’s line of business and community Need. Programs impacting national issues are chosen such as women welfare and empowerment vocational training and health awareness.