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Features of 26GHz Radar Level Transmitter • Small antenna size, easy to install; non-contact radar, no wear, no pollution. • Almost free from corrosion, foam impact; hardly affected by the change of the temperature, pressure and water vapor in the atmosphere. • Severe dust environment is not likely to affect the work of the high-frequency level meter. • Shorter wavelength can achieve better reflection for the inclined solid surface. • The small field angle and energy concentration, enhanced echo capabilities, and beneficial to avoid interference. -Minimized measuring blind spot can gain better result of small tank measurement. -High SNR, even in the case of fluctuations can result in better performance. • High frequency, the best choice to measure solids and low dielectric media. For More Information visit on:- Our Mail I.D:- [email protected] Contact Us:- +91-11-22012324 , 8144883403


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