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How To Treat Thrush:

How To Treat Thrush How to Treat Thrush Easily and Effectively Thrush is a common infection that needs to be treated immediately because of the discomfort that it brings about. Here are the different methods on how to treat thrush to prevent further complications and occurrences. What is Thrush? Also referred to as oral thrush, yeast infection or Candidiasis, this is a mouth infection that is caused by yeast or Candida albicans . Candida is a fungus that is part of the normal flora of the skin usually in the mouth and the digestive tract. However, when the delicate balance of the skin is disrupted, it leads to the increase and growth of Candida which then causes thrush. This usually happens when a person is suffering from certain diseases like HIV infection, cancer and diabetes, stress and some medications such as antibiotics, corticosteroids and birth control pills. When thrush is not treated immediately, the infection can worsen and it can lead to further problems.

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Medical Treatment for Thrush To treat thrush, antifungal medications are usually prescribed by physicians. Some of the most common medications being prescribed are fluconazole, cotrimazole , ketoconazole and nystatin . Antifungal mouthwash and lozenges are usually used in severe cases or when the immune system is weak. These medications are effective in treating thrush but before using them, it should first be prescribed by a physician. These should be used as instructed since the fungi can develop resistance to the medications if they are not used properly. Natural Remedies for Thrush Grapefruit seed extract is one of the best remedies for thrush. This has contents that are effective anti-fungal agents. To use this in treating thrush, take one teaspoon of grapefruit seed extract twice a day. Drink a lukewarm glass of water afterwards to make it more palatable. Within a week of drinking grapefruit seed extract, you will notice that your symptoms have decreased.

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Raw coconut oil when it is not yet refined is also an effective thrush remedy. This contains caprylic acid, an anti-microbial agent that can easily treat candidiasis. This can also help boost your immune system which can be used when cooking or it can be taken orally. For the treatment of thrush, apply raw coconut oil over affected areas everyday in small amounts to help relieve the symptoms. This is safe to use even in small children but only small amounts should be used. One of the oldest remedies used in the treatment of thrush is gentian violet. This is a dye which is why there is a purple stain when it is used. This can help soothe the manifestations of thrush when used daily. To use this, swab gentian violet 1% solution over the affected area and do not stop using until the thrush is completely cured.

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Just like with other diseases, prevention is still better that treating thrush. To prevent this from occurring, there are certain precautions that you must take. Oral care with a soft toothbrush is necessary so that the mouth is kept clean. Mouthwashes and sprays should also be avoided since these can interrupt the normal flora of the skin which can lead to thrush. You should also have a balanced diet, limiting the amount of yeast and sugar content since these can promote the growth of Candida. For smokers, quitting this habit is strongly recommended to lessen your chances of having thrush. Treating thrush is fairly easy if you are determined and disciplined to follow the treatment procedures strictly. With these different treatment methods, you can choose whatever is the most effective f or you so that you can stop worrying about how to treat thrush. How To Treat Thrush

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