world's major exporters & importers with the help of Global Trade Data


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Global Trade Data is measured applicable for every active trader as it provides them some unique information which was not known to them before ahead access to the data. It gives the full information about the suppliers and the quality of products imported or exported. It displays the demand of market and helps traders in gaining more and more consumer. It is also dignified as the major source of growth for every developed as well as increasing country. To know more visit


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Global trade data:


What we are:

What we are Seair Exim Solutions is a pioneer in the field of international import export data providing services. It was originated in the year 2009 with an objective to reduce the excessive workload of their valuable clients by providing them confidential global trade data of 80+ countries which includes Colombia, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Chile, United States, Russia and India etc. Kindly visit our website i.e.  to get updated and authentic version of global   trade Data.


Global trade data Global trade SEAIR Exim Solutions is a foremost earner of trade related info at the most low-cost pricing than other data providing companies in India. With the help of Global trade data that our data team delivers to their clients covers all major fields such as product’s description, harmonized system code, net weight of traded items, transportation medium, importer & exporter details and many more.

Know the world's major exporters & importers with the help of Global Trade Data:

Know the world's major exporters & importers with the help of Global Trade Data Export and Import data plays a very important role in the business of international trade because no one can compete in the business of trade without knowing the ups and downs of market. The data assistances in starting up a new business or increasing an existing one. It clarifies the present and future market drifts which are the basic obligation of every fruitful trade business .

instruction to gain incomes and achieve success:

instruction to gain incomes and achieve success In instruction to gain incomes and achieve success, it is important to know everything about players in the same business. Giving to a recent Global Trade Data , we came to know that China is the major trader of commodities in the world followed by United States, Germany, Japan, Netherland, Korea, Hong Kong, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, Singapore, Russian federation, Switzerland, Chinese Taipei, Spain, India and UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Positions of countries:

Positions of countries United States positions first in the rundown of best exporters on the planet. China is marginally short of what US in the race of exportation business. Third biggest exporter is Germany, trailed by Japan, Netherland, Korea, France, and United Kingdom et cetera. Germany, South Korea and China are profoundly associated with the fares of autos, hardware, clothing, and so on. Keeping in mind the end goal to keep up the sharp positive exchange adjust, the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia are profoundly subject to the fare of oil

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