How Your Trade Show Displays Can Benefit from EZ Tubes


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San Diego Sign Company now offers EZ Tube Trade Show Displays, the cost effective, eye catching alternative to trade show displays. Learn in this presentation, just how easy EZ Tubes are to set up and utilize in a trade show booth. With their varied sizes and frame shapes, EZ Tubes are the only visual display you’ll ever need.


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EZ Tube Trade Show Displays :

EZ Tube Trade Show Displays How Your Trade Show Displays Can Benefit from EZ Tubes

What is EZ Tube? :

What is EZ Tube? EZ Tubes are trade show displays made from lightweight hollow aluminum pipes that form dynamic free standing frames. When a graphic is slipped over the frame, a powerful visual statement is instantly created.

Key Product Advantages:

Key Product Advantages Bright vibrant colors and endless graphic potential. Stretch fabric used over frames doesn’t cause wrinkles or ripples. Lightweight – Can easily be shipped or transported in vehicle . Conveniently packs into a small suitcase. Can be assembled in less than 15 minutes! Cost effective – Durable, long lasting material; high ROI potential.

How Can It Help My Trade Show Display?:

How Can It Help My Trade Show Display? Eye catching visual displays immediately allow a potential customer to connect with you. Both sides of the fabric can be printed with a graphic, so you’ll never have your back turned to a customer. EZ Tube Trade Show Displays costs the fraction of the price that most back wall displays do. The banner graphics are sewn like a pillow case allowing for quick and easy image changes and a seamless, professional look. Additionally, its rugged design in both frame and fabric makes it long lasting and durable.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The flexible nature of the frame allow eye catching exciting shapes to be created. Your EZ Tube Trade Show display is only bounded by wherever your imagination takes you.

Options Available :

Options Available EZ Tube Display sizes range from the 6ft tabletop to the 20ft curve. The frame designs available include: Curve Tabletop Straight

PowerPoint Presentation:

[Forward] Arch [Backward] Arch

PowerPoint Presentation:

[Long] Curve S-Shape

What Comes With It? :

What Comes With It? Every EZ Tube Trade Show Display package comes with: Lightweight aluminum tubular frame Graphic Carry bag with handle and wheels Stabilizer Feet (comes with Straight and Arch frames)

How Do I Set It Up? :

How Do I Set It Up? Easy! 1. Set up the frame 2. Slip on the cover 3. Zip it up! No tools needed!

How Do I Order? :

How Do I Order? To order simply go to and choose the EZ Tube Tradeshow Display button. EZ Tube Displays have a standard 2 business day turnaround after the graphic has been approved. If you need it faster choose the Rush option (1 business day). EZ Tube Displays come with a Lifetime Warranty on the frame and a 1 Year Warranty on the graphic.

PowerPoint Presentation:

If you would like to speak with a Customer Service representative, please call us at (888) 748-7336 or visit us at for more information! Since 2001, the San Diego Sign Company has been dedicated to helping business and organizations maximize their visibility with creative signage solutions and displays. With global partners in Asia and North America, no vision is too big or too small for us to handle.

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