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Palm Tree Depot designed the Sabal palmetto in North Carolina. It is the most popular for many uses including landscaping. The hardy sabal palm tree is known for tolerance of salt spray and cold and can survive short periods of temperatures as low as minus (-) 14 °C.


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Advantages for Sabal Palms

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• Florida is one of such places on the globe that comprises of native palms. These palms are tropical and subtropical by nature and possess various characteristics. They cannot tolerate temperatures below freezing point. Sabal palms are a group of cold hardy palms belonging to the genera Sabal. These palms are utilized for various things like they are used for utilitarian products such as for foods and medicines. Even these are used for landscaping purposes. These palms grow at a height of 5-8 ft tall. These are a cold hardy palm that grows over 60 ft tall. They are used by the people in many ways.

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• As discussed above these palms are used by the people as food. The terminal buds as well as the crisp hearts of the cabbage palms are usually consumed by a large number of the people. They are consumed either in the raw form or in cooked form. Harvesting the crisp hearts or the terminal bud can kill the tree. Bread is prepared by the Seminole people from the fruit of the palm. Apart from the fruit root slices were consumed by baking it properly.

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• Besides being used as food items these palms are used for utilitarian purposes. Leaves of the palm tree are used as roofing thatch. Palm fronds are used for preparing basketry and lashing strips. Seminoles use the trunk of the cabbage palms for construction purposes. Fu rn itu r e ’ s are made from polished trunks drying frames etc. are prepared from cabbage fronds.

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• The berries as well as the seeds are used for treating certain ailments like headache and fever. Beside this the decoctions of dried roots are used for the treatment of high blood pressure. The people also use the parts of these trees i.e. dried root for treating kidney problems.

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• Cabbage palms are used as food for animals such as bears deer squirrels racoon wild turkey etc. Similarly other birds such as crows robins mockingbirds etc. consume the fruits of these trees. Certain animals like feral pigs and black bears also eat the heart of the palmetto. • These plants are also used for creating landscapes. These trees can be planted easily and grown in the sun as well as shade adapt slightly brackish to brackish water. These are highly resistant to hurricanes and are mostly used by the local people for landscaping.

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• Above given are few advantages offered by Sabal Palms. Would you like to use it as food utilitarian items or landscaping purposes Would you like to purchase Sabal Palms If yes then contact Palm Tree Depot. It is a reputed company that deals with Sabal Palms for sale. It provides an in house transportation dept. Here you can place an order of minimum 20 plants at 65 each. For more details click here at

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