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Few Things One Should Aware of Sabal Palms

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Sabal Palms What are they Well …these are an attractive tree with trunks tall and fronds wispy and that offers a tropical feel when they are grown. They are hardy in nature and if taken properly they can shine like a star in the dark nights i.e. they can grow properly and can be useful.

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They are native to the Southern United States The Bahamas and Cuba and are designated as the state tree of Florida in the year 1953. They are known as Cabbage palms. They are used in the preparation of canes and jars which are easily available in the supermarkets. The heart of these palms are quite delicious as well as nutritious and harvesting the buds of the palms makes the tree not to produce new leaves as a result of this the tree dies.

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● The larger the tree the more harvest will be. As they grow from the seed they usually take fifteen or more than fifteen years to show the growth of the trunk and once they are grown they usually grows up to 6 inches per year unless and until they become matured and once they get matured the rate of growth slows down to 1 inch/year. 4

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5 ● They can be transplanted easily once they reach a height of 10 feet . And their trunks can store water for survival unless and until new roots are grown which usually takes more than 8 months. These palms can absorb the proper amount of water from the trunks and roots. Thus while planting these palms it is wise to water the trunk and the ground so that the roots and trunks can store water. The transplantation of these palms is a bit difficult because they become hard when the roots are grown.

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They are salt tolerant that makes the plants grow where the trees do not survive. Even they can survive a temperature of 15 F degree for a period of short time. Sabal Palms can sustain hurricanes and other natural calamities. If you consider the category of these palms then technically they are not a tree but are grass. As they are considered grass they do not have tree rings in the center. ● Sabal palms are good for landscaping and thus many people in Florida opt for Sabal Palms. There are many companies that deal with Sabal Palms for sale and Palm Tree Depot is one of them. It provides an in house transportation dept. ● ● Here you can place a minimum order of 20 trees at 65 each. For details visit this link at m/ 6

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