Benefits of Sabal Palms

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Benefits of Sabal Palms

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Florida has various kinds of native palms. Most of the palms are tropical or subtropical and are not tolerant of temperature below freezing. Sabal palms are a group of cold hardy palms that belong to genera Sabal. These palms are used for utilitarian items like foods medicine as well as for landscaping purposes. Sabal palms grow between 5 ft to 8 ft tall. It is a very cold hardy American palm that grows to over 60 feet tall. These palms are used in a variety of ways. Some of the uses of palms are as follows. 2

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Food The terminal bud and crisp hearts of cabbage palm are used as vegetables and are eaten by many people either in raw form or cooked form. Harvesting these parts kills the palm tree. Seminole people prepare bread from the fruit of the palm. Slices of roots were baked and consumed. Utilitarianitems Leaves of the palm trees are used as roofing thatch. Palm fronds are made into basketry and lashing strips. Seminoles make the highest use of cabbages palm trunks for construction purposes. Furniture that comes from polished trunks cross sections canes drying frames etc. came from cabbage palm fronds. Medicine The berries and seeds were used for the treatment of the headaches and fever by the people. High blood pressure and kidney problems were treated by the dried root decoction.

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● Wildlife ● Cabbage palms offer fruits that are a food for animals like bear deer squirrel racoon and wild turkey. Similarly crows mockingbirds robins the fruits of this plant. Feral pigs and black bears eat the heart of palmetto. ● Landscaping ● The palm is widely used for landscaping purposes. These trees are planted in an easier manner grown in sun as well as partial shade adapt slightly to brackish water etc. These are resistant to hurricanes. These are mostly used by the people of Florida for landscaping purposes. 4

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