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Palm trees and sabal palms are very popular among home decorators and landscaping professionals. This is because of the look and style that these trees provide to make the garden beautiful. Sabal palms are the best choice if you want to give your garden a tropical appearance and increase its aesthetic value.


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Sabal Palms for Sale Sabal is a genus of New World palms, many of the species being known as palmetto that able to survive temperatures much lower. Get order minimum 20 Sabal palm trees from all over the South Carolina.

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Sabal Palms sales Sabal Palm tree in the warm areas of North Carolina with short mild winters and warm humid summers. It is a large, tall palm with a single unbranching trunk that grows to about 65 feet.

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Sabal Palms North Carolina Palm Tree Depot designed the Sabal palmetto in North Carolina. It is the most popular for many uses including landscaping. The hardy sabal palm tree is known for tolerance of salt spray and cold and can survive short periods of temperatures as low as minus (-) 14 °C.

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