Sock Must-Haves - Building a Great Sock Wardrobe

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Have you heard of a sock wardrobe? If you haven't, it can be likened to a closet filled with all the clothes you need for different occasions. From everyday pieces up to those you'd wear on important events, the wardrobe has to be complete. With hoses, stockings, and hosiery, it's no different. You shouldn't wear one style over and over. Some types are made for running and working out, while the rest go well with formal attire. Therefore, it's a must that your hosiery wardrobe contain all kinds of socks, from novelty and more tradition designs to performance styles.


What types of socks should your wardrobe have? Just as there are shoes for different events, there is a wide variety of foot coverings to add to your wardrobe too. The first type represents those that you would wear to formal events. Women normally go sock-less when they wear heels and cocktail dresses at parties, but some look fabulous in stockings, tights, and floral leggings. Men, on the other hand, may choose to wear formal hose so that they can easily slip into a pair of nice Italian shoes.


The next type is called sport or performance socks, and they are worn during workout and exercise sessions, and even during ordinary days. These foot essentials are paired with running or workout shoes, sneakers, or even sandals. They are usually made from cotton for absorbing moisture, and nylon for that much-needed elasticity. They come in different colors, but most of them are usually white, black, or grey.


Another type that you must have in your wardrobe is the novelty design. These are fun, flirty, and colorful foot coverings that can be used for fashion purposes. They come in different types such as the following: toe, mismatched and fancy bobby socks. If you want to channel a Japanese girl inspired look, slip into a pair of bright-colored knee-high hosiery and match it with a cool skirt and top. If you want to be different during Halloween, you can try Halloween theme socks to complete your scary or funny costume.


And lastly, if you are an environmental advocate, you can fill your drawer with eco-friendly, organic socks. These are made from organic cotton and other all-natural materials, so they are not only safe to humans. But also, they don't pose a threat to the environment. The methods used in the production of these foot essentials are free of pesticides and other harmful, artificial chemicals. So our rivers, trees, and air remain clean and intact.


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