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By: jackie_d (133 month(s) ago)

This really is a fantastic presentation. I think far too many people wait for happiness to be foisted upon them rather than going out and actively learning for themselves how to be happy. Happiness is all about attitude and effort and not so much about circumstance and surroundings.

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Hey nice work done keep it up.

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simple but it does make sense..

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How to make yourself happy:

How to make yourself happy

1. Have targets and goals:

1. Have targets and goals

2.Smile always:

2. Smile always

3.Share the happiness with others:

3. Share the happiness with others

4.Willing to help others:

4. Willing to help others

5.Keep a childlike heart:

5. Keep a childlike heart

6.Get on well with different kinds of people:

6. Get on well with different kinds of people

7.Keep the sense of humor:

7. Keep the sense of humor

8.Keep calm when surprise comes:

8. Keep calm when surprise comes

9.Forgive others:

9. Forgive others

10.Have some really good friends:

10. Have some really good friends

11.Always work in a team:

11. Always work in a team

12.Enjoy the family gathering time:

12. Enjoy the family gathering time

13. Be confident and proud of yourself:

13. Be confident and proud of yourself

14.Respect the weak:

14. Respect the weak

15.Indulge yourself, sometimes:

15. Indulge yourself, sometimes

16.Work from time to time:

16. Work from time to time

17.Be brave and courageous:

17. Be brave and courageous

18.Finally, don’t be a moneygrubber:

18. Finally, don’t be a moneygrubber