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Big Questions, Big Concepts, & Key Words: Part I:

Big Questions, Big Concepts, & Key Words: Part I Key Words: Iberia Castile Reconquista New Spain/Mexico Mexica Nahua/ Nahuatl Teotihuacan Tenochtitlan

Big Questions:

Big Questions Why was warfare so common in ancient Mexico and Spain? What is the significance of blood and human sacrifice in indigenous religions? What did Mexico look like prior to the arrival of the Spanish? What role did religion play in the colonial Mexico? How was Spain able to conquer Mexico so easily? How was it able to administer Mexico (along with most of the Americas, the Philippines, African possessions, Italy, the Low Countries, ect.) with a small group of Spanish officials? What sort of sources do we have about Pre-colonial and colonial society? Are they reliable? So what? Colonial period ended almost 200 years ago!


Geography Lowlands/ Tierra Caliente Mountains/ Tierra Fria Central Plains/ Tierra Templada

People in the Americas:

People in the Americas ***Not unified*** -Different: Languages Religions Political Systems Social Organization -Try to be specific -However, conquest and colonialism will have an impact on them -Indians/Indigenous/Natives?

The Americas, c. 1492:

The Americas, c. 1492 Non-Sedentary Many of the U.S. Tribes Semi-Sedentary Tupi & Pima Sedentary Aztec, Inca, Maya


Languages -Yucatecan Maya - Nahuatl -Mixtec - Zapotec -Chichimec

To Do::

To Do: -Make sure you post introduction -Create a discussion post -Do some online research on the geography of Mexico. Find examples of the three climatic zones. Can you think of places where this distinction might not work?

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