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Sandinistas in Power:

Sandinistas in Power Platform & Programs Land Distribution State & Cooperative Enterprises Dealing with Somoza Gender Equality Education Socialism? Mixed Economy? Realities Repair damage Debts Re-establish relations Food and Energy Scarcity Contras & Reagan

Early Rule:

Early Rule Breaking up Somoza’s Holdings State takes over Somoza properties ( Área de Propiedad del Pueblo/ People’s Property Area) PPA will control Farms larger than 500 hectacres 25% of all industry Airline Fishing Fleet Banking Land Reform Instituto de Reforma Agraria (INRA) 1980: 20% of cultivated land confiscated Larger farms managed in two ways: State Farms Cooperatives (1,200 by 1980) New rules for workers led to breakdown between capitalist class and state Difficulties Sugar: $0.24 (1980) to $0.09 (1983) Flooding in 1983 causes $350 million in damage Drought

Counter-revolution :

Counter-revolution Various Factions Emerge Split from Sandinistas Contras Sandinista Errors Reagan Elected CIA Support of Contras Mining of Harbors Trade Embargo Contra Victories

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