Fall of Somoza Family & Triumph of Revolution w sound

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Fall of Somoza Family & Triumph of Revolution:

Fall of Somoza Family & Triumph of Revolution Change in Readings: Week 13: “Triumph” Start the Zimmerman book Sandinista Carrion’s Acceptance Letter

Breakdown of Somoza Rule:

Breakdown of Somoza Rule 1972 Earthquake: Managua Leveled 1975 State of Siege Censoring of Press Threats of Torture to Opposition Intimidation Murder National Guard Increases Violent acts Against Alleged Supporters Grassroots, Peasant Support 1978-Pedro Joaquin Chomorro Assassinated Selling of Plasma to US General Strike  Repression US Suspends Military Aid

Sandinista Revolution:

Sandinista Revolution 1978 Rebels Take Control of National Assembly 2,000 Hostages September Uprisings Base Communities & Neighborhood Committies US Attempts to Intervene (OAS) 5 Member Junta 1 conservative Violetta Chamorro Somoza Flees to Miami

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