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Nicaragua to 1975:

Nicaragua to 1975 Somoza Family runs the country (1936-1978) National Guard Family Became Largest Landowners in Nicaragua WWII (German Coffee) Take Land from Sandino Rebels 51 Ranches, 46 Coffee Plantations, 7 Sugar Mills, 7 Distilleries, and President of Rail Road Nepotism US Ally “Our son of a Bitch” Bay of Pigs Assassinated by poet in Leon, 1956

1972 Earthquake:

1972 Earthquake 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake near Managua 5,000 Killed and 250,000 Homeless 80% of Managua Destroyed Aid $$$ and Supplies Pour In, Somoza Does not Distribute Roberto Clemente Gives Reconstruction Projects to Friends and Family


Sandinistas Founded by Marxist Students in 1960s Nationalist Anti-Imperialist Limited Actions against National Guard posts by the 1970s Gain Widespread Attention and Support Minister of Agriculture US Ambassador $2 Million and Communique read

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