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Costs of 1-Party Rule: Mexico1950s to the 1980s:

Costs of 1-Party Rule: Mexico1950s to the 1980s Bureaucratic Authoritarianism Mexican Miracle to Collapse 1968: Tlateloco Debt Crisis 1985 Mexico City Earthquake

1950s: Miguel Aleman:

1950s: Miguel Aleman Allies the PRI to Industry, Elites, and Rising Middle Class Policies: Monterrey Created Economic Links to US Capital Restructured Tax Rates Public Works Mexican Miracle

PRI Politics: Carrot and the Stick:

PRI Politics: Carrot and the Stick Bribed Opposition PRI allows phony or fringe parties to participate Intimidation of Political Opponents Crush Strikes Dismantle Student Protests Against Corruption Taxi Protests (working conditions) led to police attacks Indigenous Peoples in Oaxaca shot while demonstrating

Left Behind:

Left Behind Countryside Giving Land No Longer Option Few Resources No Electricity No Water Few Links to Outside *CONASUPO Subsidized Food


Tlateloco 1968 Global Context of Student/Youth Movements Days Before Olympics Students (and Others) gathered to demonstrate against laws limiting assembly

Mexico in the 1970s & Early 1980s:

Mexico in the 1970s & Early 1980s Corruption Deepens 1973 Oil Crisis = Boom for Mexico Government Spending 1975-1982 IR goes up to 20% Commercial Banks, foreign Creditors (External Debt) Inflation (300%+ a year in early 1980s)

Sept. 19, 1985 Earthquake:

Sept. 19, 1985 Earthquake Struck Mexico City 8.1 magnitude 10,000 + killed Amplified by City built on lake bed Billions in Damage Government Response Inept Rejected Help Assisted Supporters Beginning of the End for the PRI

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