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End of the Porfiriato & The Mexican Revolution:

End of the Porfiriato & The Mexican Revolution -Indicative of Larger Trends in Latin America -PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) -Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI) -Great Depression -Creating a New National Identity

Early Revolutionary Mexico:

Early Revolutionary Mexico 1910-1920 Violent Civil War Cristeros Rebellion, 1926-1929 Response to 1917 Constitution & Reforms against the Church (Especially the Calles Law) Interim Presidents (1930-34)

Cardenas Presidency and Fulfillment of the Revolution:

Cardenas Presidency and Fulfillment of the Revolution Peaceful Era Opportunity to Make Good on Promises made (Populist) Roads Education Land Reform 80% of all land Reform took place Development of Industry Nationalization Oil (Negotiations fail, Compensation) Rail Roads

After Cardenas:

After Cardenas Serves one term (1934-1940) Success of Cardenas becomes the success of the PRI PRI becomes 'State party', hand-picked successors “Mexican Miracle” -From 1940 to 1970 GDP increased sixfold and the population only doubled Dark Side- Corruption & One-Party Rule Differs from other Latin American Countries Party vs. - ismo

PowerPoint Presentation:

Institutionalizing the Revolution The PRI After Cardenas ISI Exports Close ties with the US Expansion of Middle Class UNAM

Revolutions and the Institutionalization of Corruption:

Revolutions and the Institutionalization of Corruption Green Revolution Land Reform Stalls Support to large producers Exports Concessions Tourism Acapulco


Readings Knight Niblo & Niblo "Nationalism-amorphous, uncertainly focused, half-articulated, but for all that highly inflammable-is still the major collective passion in most new states, and in some it is virtually the only one"

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