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Latin American Postwar Expansion, Revolutions, & Coups: Part I Key Words: Favela Decree 900

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Political/Economic Trends Continuation of Populism Expanding Coalitions Women Rural Poor Lowered Voting Age Development over Improvement of People Large-Scale Projects Dams New Cities Factories State Support for Large Farms 1930-1948 Rest of World Occupied ISI-Economic Expansion 1948-1980 ISI Continues, but Slows Population Growth: 1900: 61 Million 1950: 158 Million 1960: 200 Million

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Construction of Brazil’s New Capital Brasilia (1956-1960) Planned City (Down to type of Taxi and Style of Graves) Oscar Niemeyer (UN Building, Concrete) Built to give more voice to NW and NE Brazil

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Migration to Slums Always were Urban Poor Mid-20 th Century Land Becomes Scarce Industrialization of Agriculture Move to Cities where there is no room

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Renewed US Interest In Latin America & Cold War Hysteria 1946-1959 Latin America Receives 2% of US Foreign Aid US Economic Interests Want Return to Pre-1929 Relationship Cold War Heats Up in Other Areas of the World Vietnam Korea Eastern Europe China

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Guatemala, 1944-1954 “10 Years of Spring” Up to 1944 Foreign Investment & Large Land Owners Ruled by Military Strongman, Jorge Ubico Coffee (Local Elites) Banana (United Fruit) Big Investments in Guatemala 1944, “October Revolution” Juan Arévalo and New Constitution Possible Land Reform Spiritual Socialism Social Security Health Care Indigenous Rights Gave Political Support to Groups working to end Dictatorships in Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela New Labor Laws CIA “Destabilizing Force” 1950 Jacobo Arbenz Elected (1 st Smooth Election) Military Officer President Began "an intensely nationalistic program of progress colored by the touchy, anti-foreign inferiority complex of the 'Banana Republic.'" --CIA assessment, 1951 Decree 900 (Signed 1952) Redistributed unused lands of sizes greater than 223 acres to local peasants Land Owners Given Government Bonds in Compensation 1953: 234,000 acres of uncultivated land from UFC UFC owned 550,000 acres in Guatemala, 42% of the nation’s (arable) land Company was compensated with $627,572 in bonds for the expropriation of their holdings US State Department, on behalf of the United Fruit Company, claimed to Guatemala that the land was worth $15,854,849 (about $140,000,000 today)


Operations PBFORTUNE &PBSUCCESS PBFORTUNE CIA Plan Began 1951 Trujillo gave $$$ Somoza Support (Air Cover) CIA $225,000 58 Planned Assassinations Cover blown by Somoza Bragging about it PBSUCCESS Stop All Arm Shipments to Guatemala (Canada and Germany) Bought Arms from Czechoslovakia Accused of being a Soviet Puppet Major Propaganda Campaign in US and Guatemala Invasion Air Support by CIA Rebels eventually win Brought 40+ Years of Dictatorship and 150,000 deaths


PBHISTORY 1 day after Castillo Armas takes power CIA Team moves to find incriminating vidence of Soviet activity. 500,000 documents read No ties

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