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Personal Injury lawyer Mark Schiffrin represents cases dealing with injured in auto mobile accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall, medical malpractice or any kind of negligence that leads to a person’s injury or death.


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Mark Schiffrin P.A is a law firm in Hollywood that represents the individuals injured in auto-mobile accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, wrongful death, or any type of negligence that leads to the person’s injury or death. We are a team having over 35 years of experience handling personal injury lawsuit and is dedicated to helping all personal injury victims in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami Dade County. We as a Firm will stand up for your rights and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY IN SOUTH FLORIDA

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OUR PRACTICE AREAS 1. Personal Injury 2. Automobile Accidents 3. Slip and Fall Accident 4. Wrongful Death

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PERSONAL INJURY Personal Injury is defined as injury to a person’s body, mind or emotions, as opposed to injury to property. Such cases involve legal disputes arising when a person suffers bodily harm or injury (including emotional distress) as a direct result of someone else’s actions. A Personal Injury case may be filed in order to hold that person responsible and can be formalized through civil court proceedings via a court judgment. Alternatively, such disputes may also be resolved through informal settlements before any lawsuit is filed, which is a more common occurrence.

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AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS Automobile accidents, especially car accidents, can certainly prove to be an ordeal. Often, the people involved are injured and their vehicles damaged, sometimes severely. In such cases, the legal system provides for a mechanism to establish fault and liability for payments to be made with respect to medical bills and automobile repairs. Additionally, auto accident cases can also prove to be extremely complex in terms of determining liability and fair compensation.

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SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENT Slip and fall’ is a term used for personal injury cases where a person slips or trips and is injured on someone else’s property. These cases typically fall under a broader category of cases known as ‘premises liability’. Slip and fall accidents usually occur on property that is owned or maintained by someone else, and the property owner may be held legally liable. Some examples of dangerous conditions that may cause slip and fall accidents include – – Torn carpeting – Changes in flooring – Poor lighting – Narrow stairs – Wet floors – Broken or cracked public sidewalks .

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WRONGFUL DEATH Wrongful Death claims can arise in situations where an entity or an individual engages in negligent activity, is careless or intentionally breaches his or her legal obligation, directly causing the death of a person. When a person dies or is killed as a result of the negligence or misconduct of another, including murder, the surviving members of the victim’s family may sue for ‘wrongful death’. It is important to note that a lawsuit for wrongful death may only be brought by the personal representative of the decedent’s estate.

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At Mark Schiffrin P. A., we believe in putting our clients’ interests at the forefront, which is why you need to get in touch with us at the earliest after you or a loved one has been in an accident. Whether it is an automobile accident or a slip-and-fall on someone else’s property, and it is not your fault, you need to get in touch with us as soon as possible after the accident. CALL US AT: 954-866-7722 For a free consultation to discuss the merits of your case or VISIT US AT: