The Maxwell house Hotel

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The Maxwell house Hotel:

By Savannah Bailey The Maxwell house Hotel

The familiar Maxwell house:

The “Maxwell House” name is now most commonly associated with One of America's favorite brands of Coffee. Little know of the historic building in Nashville Tennessee that held the original title. The building itself is rich in history and has its own mysteries Focusing on its purposes and ultimate destruction. The familiar Maxwell house

Construction Background:

Began in 1859 through the use of slave labor Finally opened as an extravegant hotel in the fall of 1869 Total costs of the now lavish building was around $500,000. Construction Background

Civil war use:

Because the Hotel’s construction took place during a time of war, the hotel held additional purposes to better suite the needs of the times. The unfinished building was used as barracks for soldiers and as a temporary hospital for those wounded. Civil war use

Finished product :

Nashville's largest hotel with five stories and 240 rooms . It advertised steam heat, gas lighting, and a bath on every floor. Rooms cost $4 a day, including meals Finished product

Christmas disaster:

Christmas disaster The hotel caught fire on Christmas night in 1961. But what caused the fire?

Theory :

The hotel may have housed the presence of the rich and distinguished, but it also served those who were anything but civil. In 1867, the hotel accompanied the Klu Klux Klan. In April, Nathan Bedford Forrest was initiated as the first leader of the Klan at the hotel. Could the hotel’s association with the KKK have caused an act of arson? Theory

Works Cited:

*Note that this is just a theory and the actual cause of the fire is still unknown. http:// http:// Ophelia Paine, "Maxwell House Hotel," The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture, online edition 2002, accessed November 12, 2011. Works Cited

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