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SiteSync Review – The must have tool to secure your business… SiteSync is the brand new cloud-based software on web protection. This product allows you to backup and restore your sites to keep it protected. What Is SiteSync Are you worried that your business might be prone to Cyber-attacks Well you don’t have to. Also are you tired of paying pesky monthly membership fees to secure your business Well you don’t have to worry about that either. SiteSync takes a backup downloads and restores your complete websites in minutes. It is the latest cloud-based software on web protection. This product allows you to backup and restore your sites to keep it protected. Your websites always have to handle potential risks when staying online on this massive social media so this tool will be the shield to protect your websites. SiteSync is an all-in-one backup solution for your website: • Backup Download and Restore Entire sites via FTP • Backup Download and Restore Entire WordPress Sites Plugins • Backup Download and Restore HTML Sites and Pages • It also syncs with your DropBox Google Drive Amazon S3 Onedrive - so you can save your sites on the cloud if you want. • In-built SmartFTP helps with swift backup restore • They give you 50 GB Free Storage in case you dont want to spend money on other storage services. • 100 Cloud-based and Fully Mobile Responsive • Completely Newbie Friendly No matter what the reason is for your website being down the software will have it up and running in just under 3 minutes.

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How Does SiteSync Work Special Features of SiteSync: Backup Websites You don’t have to worry about your website hanging up on you and leaving you in a lurch anymore. SiteSync offers a simple and easy-to-use interface to backup websites irrespective of the hosting provider in one clean and easy to use dashboard. Just enter select the type of hosting provider you have generate the unique backup code for yourself select the backup frequency and you’re good to go.

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Download Websites So you can store your website on your system or access it in places with limited or no internet connection their one-click download feature lets you download your sites. Lost your local copy of data file Don’t worry. This one-click download feature lets you download your website anytime and anywhere. Restore Websites No matter the problem – malicious hackers corrupt files software issues – youll be ready to recover in a flash Recovering your website instantly is essential to your business continuity. With the automated one-click restore feature you can recreate your website and database with a single click.

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Backup Download And Restore HTML Not just websites SiteSync can backup download and restore HTML for you as easily as a website. Just follow the same process and select HTML where you select a website and you’re good to go. Whether you want a backup copy of your HTML you want to download it to edit or restore it in case of loss it’s just a few clicks away Syncs with your DropBox Google Drive Amazon S3 Onedrive SiteSync seamlessly syncs with your choice of storage that you have. You can choose to store your website data and content in your DropBox Google Drive Amazon S3 Onedrive account. Your content remains safe secure with you and not with some 3rd party so you have full control over it and can access it at any time you’d like.

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100 Mobile Responsive Cloud Based Platform Store your websites safely and privately on this cloud based servers. This ensures no clogging up on hardrives hardware and continuity of access to your data. You don’t have to carry your laptop or iPad anywhere. As long as you have your login credentials you can access your website from anywhere. Also you can do all this on the go from your smartphone. SmartFTP Technology To Pre-Schedule Backup

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SiteSync keeps running in the background while you work sleep or spend quality time doing what you love to do or while you spend time with your family and friends. Once you have pre-scheduled a backup as per your desired frequency daily - weekly - monthly SiteSync will backup your site on auto-pilot and keep your up-to-date content on your website safe and secure. 10 GB Storage Space Along with integrations with DropBox Google Drive Amazon S3 Onedrive SiteSync also comes with 50 GB additional storage that you can use to store all your websites. This is perfect if you have hundreds of big websites. How It Works: SiteSync does everything for you in just a few simple steps:

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Step 1: Backup all your websites with just a click of a button. Step 2: You have the option of downloading your entire websites onto your systems. Step 3: Restore your website instantly from the last saved backup in case of website downtime. Why Should You Get SiteSync Now If you want to restore your site the manual way you’d have to spend hours or even days trying to find the specific ways methods and techniques to do this on your own. You would have to spend a lot of time researching through various blogs go through complicated technical procedures. Then you would be completely stuck lost and frustrated as you wouldn’t know the next steps on how to backup your site instantly and restore it exactly when you need to. Whereas with SiteSync there’s no guesswork or manual work needed it just takes a few clicks to have this all at your fingertips and you’re done. SiteSync is the only tool that will backup download and restore your websites 24/7 on autopilot. You will be able to leverage these 3 extraordinary features that are absolutely unique to this tool: • Backup For All Websites: Regardless of hosting server via FTP for WP HTML Integrating more in the future • Restore Your Website: In under 60 seconds • Uses SmartFTP: For scheduled and faster backup And now after revealing all the features inside SiteSync they are not about to stop there. They are including many valuable bonuses designed to enhance your result with SiteSync. Exclusive Bonuses From SiteSync Bonus 1: Bonus Webinar On this webinar theyll walk you through their method of backing up your sites and also offering this to your clients. This is a great way to see SiteSync in action and set it up so that your business is always safe Bonus 2: Sticky Note Ads

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Include any text of your choice for holiday greetings sales announcements and more. There’s no confining format to work with so you can include what makes sense to you and your readers not what the software designer things you should include. Bonus 3: WP Engage Plus Plugin WP Engage+ is a fantastic and useful WP plugin that will only take you seconds to install and use and it will enable you to create engaging polls and surveys. So that you can start increasing commissions subscribers and your profits Bonus 4: WP EZ Launcher Get your hands onto a breakthrough WP Plugin that will allow you to quickly set up your WordPress blog and get it up and running in less than 30 seconds Perfect complement to SiteSync. Conclusion In this review I hope you can find useful information about this product. It’s worth every penny you put on for this. Don’t hesitate for such an amazing product Thanks for coming by my SiteSync Review See you with next review on the next days. CLICK HERE FOR LEARN MORE Tags: SiteSync SiteSync review SiteSync review and bonus SiteSync reviews SiteSync reviews and bonuses SiteSync discount SiteSync bonus SiteSync bonuses SiteSync review and discount SiteSync review in detail SiteSync ultimate review SiteSync demo SiteSync demo review SiteSync huge discount SiteSync discount coupon SiteSync download Get SiteSync SiteSync review demo and bonusSiteSync SiteSync review SiteSync review and bonus SiteSync reviews