Teen Drug Abuse

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Drug Use Among Teens : 

Marwa Fuller Drug Use Among Teens

Introduction : 

Drug use was the highest among ages 12-19 in 2007. 1 in 3 adolescents has experimented an illicit drug. 41% tried alcohol by the time they finished 8th grade. Early drug use predicts potential drug addiction. Introduction

How do teens turn to drugs? : 

There are several factors if combined can encourage teens to use drugs. Peer pressure Parents lack of awareness Parents lack of influence over child’s behavior Excessive money Stress How do teens turn to drugs?

Peer Pressure : 

Peer pressure can have negative influence on teen’s behavior. Negative influence can be both direct and indirect. Teens follow peers and use drugs to gain acceptance and a sense of belonging. The one-time experience turns into a pattern. Peer Pressure

Parent’s Awareness : 

Children are 51% less likely to use drugs if parents had talked about it. Only 35% have the knowledge to teach their kids how to avoid drugs and alcohol. 35% admitted they need help. Only 37% believed they have influence on their children. Parent’s Awareness

Excessive Money : 

52% of teens with excessive money are at risk of substance abuse. Can attract wrong kind of peers. Provide the means to obtaining drugs. Excessive Money

Table 1 : 

Table 1

Stress : 

Teens do not handle stress effectively. To many teens, drug can be a relief from stress. Teens in high stress groups use more drugs then teens in low stress groups. Stress

Conclusion : 

Peer pressure can lead teens to drug use. Parents awareness and influence can prevent drugs use. Excessive money attract wrong peers and facilitate the availability of drugs. Stress is overwhelming to teens and can lead to drug abuse. Conclusion

How to prevent teens from using drugs. : 

Parents are the key in helping teens avoid drugs. Parents should monitor teen’s behavior, and be aware of peer selection. Develop an honest channel of communication between them and their children. Offer reasonable allowance. How to prevent teens from using drugs.

How to prevent teens from using drugs, continued : 

Keep teens stress free by maintaining a calm environment. Early discovery and intervention can save teens, from addiction. How to prevent teens from using drugs, continued

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