There is a lot more to gemstones other than jewellery


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Gemstones possess a wide array of health benefits and are hence sought after around the world.


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There is a lot more to gemstones other than jewellery Gemstones possess a wide array of health benefits and are hence sought after around the world. It was the firm belief of the people of the ancient civilizations that gemstones had mystical powers that would cure several maladies and provide healing. With the change of times now gemstones find its use in making jewellery. There are people who still have their firm belief in the ancient ideologies. They use the gemstones for astrological purposes. Astrology is a wide field meddling around the planets the stars the sun and the moon. Using the healing powers of the gemstones allows an individual to move ahead through the most challenging phase of their life and open a path to strive on. Every individual has a specific birth chart based on their time date and place of birth. The birth chart corresponds to the heavenly positions of the planets stars the sun and the moon at the time of birth. Based on the birth chart there is a specific set of gemstone for every individual. Do gemstones really work Wearing the correct gemstones work. It does have a positive impact on the wearer. Gemstones find its way not only in astrology but also in the Ancient Ayurveda. Traditional belief

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claims that wearing the right gemstone according to the zodiac sign draws out all the negativity from the wearer. Moreover it also heals and protects the bearer spiritually with its mystical energies. Wearing a luck stone according to the zodiac sign brings good luck to the wearer. Check out the ​Gemstones Online ​to know your luck gemstone based on your zodiac sign. As an individual is born the karmic map comes into force On the day an individual is born the karmic map or the fate/ destiny activates and the mystical powers at play start rolling. This is where the sum total milestones of the life that is yet to happen are listed. This map includes every detail of life from failure to success career to relationships and marriage. Everything thing that happens is destined. One cannot change their fate but can protect themselves from the wrongdoings with the help of the gemstones. However wearing the correct gemstones depending on the planetary positions of the birth chart is crucial. And if the gemstones do not work The only time when a gemstone does not work is because of incorrect recommendation or not wearing it in the correct manner. Wearing gemstones on any random finger will not give the desired results. To reap the full benefits of a gemstone firstly the recommendation must be accurate depending on the birth chart. Then wearing it on the correct

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finger while enchanting the right mantra will activate the powers of the gemstone. Find authentic Gemstones Online based on your birth chart to overcome the hurdles in life.Seek accurate consultation in order to find the right gemstone to solve your problem. In this regard it must be said that you must always trust the accredited consultant or astrologer to pick the gemstone. Contact Us ​122 Jaina Tower I District Center Janak Puri New Delhi-110058 Country: ​India Phone: ​+91-9899-291-202 +91-965-454-0333 Telephone: ​011- 45651615