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INTERESTING FACTS I BET YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT CRYSTAL TREES Ever wondered what a crystal tree is You must have heard of many people using for it various reasons. Positioning a crystal tree in the earth center of the house will enhance compassion and energetic harmony between family members. Crystal Tree is helpful for success victory prosperity and health. People buy crystal tree or ​healing crystal online to bring the prosperity in their life. There are myriad of benefits to buying crystal products online. Online stores have tons of durable crystal trees these trees are truly very well crafted and certainly a beautiful household ornament. It consists of various gemstones which are attached to a copper wire which gives you the flexibility to adjust stones according to your desire. You can ​buy online crystal trees in Delhi ​ and you can design it according to your choice like if you want a particular stone or mixed stones. In fact for the striking look you select particular texture or color. Benefits: This Multi Gem Tree comprises of all the normal precious stones to improve and adjust the great vitality of every gem. The multi pearl tree comprises Amethyst Green Aventurine

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Rose Quartz Clear Quartz and Carnelian Crystals. Every one of these valuable stones is identified with the diverse chakras of our body. One of the essential tenets of the new age is that every human body has seven chakras - energy area which can be blocked and recuperated. Chakras are a center for conviction of yoga and have been included into various new age practices. Crystal Gem Tree The chakra framework was first created in India in the medieval times. "Chakra" is a Sanskrit word significance wheel. We have to adjust the 7 chakras of our body with the goal that it wont cost irregularity as it will cost issues because of unsettling influence on the energy streams of our body. Amethyst: - Improves the capacity to settle on decision making memory and judgment. Heals the blood fortifies and balances out the abdomen area. Green Aventurine: - Has Gentle and settling. The crystal tree is defensive has mending gems and bring tranquility and unwinding. Being able to re-energize the chakras and help with attention to the spiritual. This tree has precious stones attached in one tree to adjust the energies of place where it is kept. Satyamani Address : ​ 122 Jaina Tower I District Center Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 Country : ​ India Phone: ​ +91-9899-291-202 Telephone : ​ 011- 45651615 Website : ​