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Quality perfection with Semi-precious Stones Among alternate healing methods the use of Rudraksha and semi-precious stones ranks among the top. This is because these methods are non-invasive and provide a long-term cure for ailments. To receive the benefits of these methods one must understand how it works. Only when the mind is open to receiving you will get the curing vibrations. Uses of semi-precious stones To use the semi-precious stones one must buy them first. You can ​Buy Semi-precious Stones Online since this is easy fast and reliable. Choose the stone to buy according to their benefit. The benefits of these stones fall into broad categories such as these: a Protection from negative energies b Enhancing the qualities of the wearer of the stone c Increasing the healing d Prevention of diseases e Augmenting the fortune and fame of the wearer There is much more but the idea is clear. By choosing the proper stone one can get the desired result. So let us find out which ones to choose to increase our wealth and prosperity. Qualities of semi-precious stones Here is a list of semi-precious stones with their benefits mentioned alongside. This list not comprehensive in the sense there are many more stones that are not covered here. But these will give you the gist of the stones and how to use them. Selenite ​: This stone has the liquid fire in it. It enlightens and purifies everything it touches. Selenite raises your energy to a higher level with its vibrant energy. Leopard Skin Jasper ​: When one gets hurt and cannot get over it Leopard Skin Jasper offers a protective veil and strengthens your root chakras. Onyx ​: Relationships matter but we may not have the strength to face the difficulties involved. Use Onyx to walk the tightrope and sets your sight on the goal not on the difficulties.

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Sunstone ​: As powerful as the sun the Sunstone enhances your creative forces and brings life to all the things it touches. It removes the cloud of self-doubt and helps the person see the possibilities there are. Rose Quartz ​: The universal love stone Rose Quartz helps heal a broken heart and strengthen relationships. It opens the heart of the user to all forms of love – psychological physical and platonic. Types of benefits Protect from negative energy ​: The Turquoise Black Onyx and Rose Quartz help deflect the negative energies that move towards us. Use the power of meditation to improve your resistance to the negative forces. Stones to enhance the good quality ​: Choose the stone according to the quality. For instance Amber is clarifying calming stimulating and warming while Garnet inspires love and passion. Peridot vibrates with openness growth and comfort while Topaz corrects unwanted behavior and unloving ways. Rudraksha behaves in a similar way. Rudraksha beads have the innate power of amplifying the thought power of the person wearing the bead. For this reason the saints wear them while meditating. ​Buy Rudraksha Online from a top dealer so you remain assured of good quality. The Rudraksha beads are able to cure their bodily and mental weakness through the power of the mind. Get the power to control your life. Use semi-precious stones and Rudraksha to make a qualitative change in your life. S ​atyamani is an online store based in New Delhi deals in vast variety of high quality Crystals and Gemstone Healing Crystals Reiki Products ​Yantras ​ Home Decor Items Gemstones etc also provides Numerology Services ​ Aura Analysis Services Crystal Therapy Services Vastu Consultancy Services and more. Contact Details Store Name: ​SATYAMANI

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Contact Person: Dr. Anoop Agarwal Address: 122 Jaina Tower I District Center Janak Puri New Delhi-110058 INDIA Mobile: +91-9899291202 Mail Id: ​satyamani.orggmail.com ​ Web: ​http://www.satyamani.org/