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Benefits Of The Semi Precious Stones It is quite common for us to think that a semi precious stone are not as valuable as a precious stone. But that is not the case in fact sometimes semi precious stones which are rarely found are more valuable than precious stones like diamonds. The specialty of such stones is that they are found in abundance and are available in a variety of colors. Some of the most common semi precious stones comprise amethyst garnet citrine peridot malachite turquoise lapis lazuli and topaz. However it is important to name some of the well-known precious stones they are diamond ruby emerald and sapphires. Another factor that needs to be considered here is that sometimes semi precious stones are used instead of precious stones because they cost less when compared to the precious stones. One of the primary reasons for this is that semi precious gemstones are available more abundantly. The Uses Of Semiprecious Gemstones Let us now have a look at some of the common uses of semi precious gemstones Amethyst: This is a stone that has been used since the historical times. The main purpose of amethyst is to curb down levels of anxiety. With its lower vibrations this stone can have a soothing effect on the nervous system of an individual. At the same time amethyst can also be used to cure digestive disorder. Garnet: A Semi Precious Gemstone that has an energizing effect. Also the stone is known to protect the wearer from all kinds of wounds. Citrine: A stone that is known to give the wearer confidence and wisdom. In fact this semiprecious stone is known to have an uplifting and warming effect on the individual. Peridot: If you are suffering from some sort of liver ailments and you are thinking of trying out the healing power of stones in that case you can opt for peridot. Along with having an impact

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on the wellbeing of your health peridot is also known to liberate the mind from all sorts of envious feelings. Malachite: This is a stone that has a unique impact. For example if you are someone who is not being able to move forward in life due to old memories or attachments then malachite can be the best solution for you. With the healing powers of malachite you will be able to free your mind from old memories and move forward in life. Turquoise: This is quite a popular stone in the world of healing stones. Turquoise is known to promote balance and energy. With the help of this gemstone the wearer can invite lady luck and stay away from failing in their endeavors. Moreover turquoise can be worn if you are suffering from eye diseases. Lapis Lazuli: At one point of time this stone was known as a royal stone. The most well-known benefits of this semi precious stone is that it helps the body connect with the soul. The stone helps in building confidence relieve anxiety and usher in higher levels of energy in the body. Topaz: This is a tone that is known to direct and focus energy towards a single direction. It also frees the mind from negative emotions. Satyamani is an online Crystal store deals in a vast variety of high quality crystals and gemstone in Delhi offers Healing Crystals Reiki Products Home Decor Items Gemstones etc also provides Numerology Services Aura Analysis Services Crystal Therapy Services Vastu Consultancy Services and more. Contact Details: Store Name: SATYAMANI Contact Person: Dr. Anoop Agarwal Address: 122 Jaina Tower I District Center Janak Puri New Delhi-110058 Country: India Mobile: +91-9899291202 Gmail Id: Web:

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