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Stupid theory of light waves Signals works inside the machines likes the binary or hexagonal digits if it works binary then the code are 01. If it is 01 then the signal is square wave like. For hexagonal system there are 16 numbers so the codes are working on the signals which are based on the sinusoidal signals. But the sinusoidal signals are not working inside the computer based circuits. There is only the square wave signals are working. So the codes are working on the square waves and also processor or encoder which is the main part of the working system it is work on like the square wave signals. So it is too difficult to transfer the data through the sinusoidal signals but if we want to send the data by the sinusoidal signal we can send by the sinusoidal. In that way we can control all the systems which are accessed by the current power and also contains at least one processor or one encoder or decoder. Example:- television desktope set up box cpu etc. Signals with different wavelengths and frequencies The data which are encoded or converted like the different signal like square wave sinusoidal waves they can control all the systems which have the capability to receive these frequency and also which have the capacity to decode all the data which are encoded or signalised like that signals. Now we have the example by which we can understand how the signals or frequencies work upon the system like the FM signal works on the FM only and the TV signals are working on the TV only in that way the frequencies and the waveforms are working based on that. Now discuss about some biological signals and biological receivers and also biological programmes. “SUN” is the encoder of our solar system but actually our earth can’t created from the sun. sun is the encoder of our ecological system and the “green trees” are the decoder of the ecological system. If the sun encodes the programme data and send by the light wave which contains many number of packet photons which have no mass and it contains only energy. Which have the power to bring change inside something like green plants. The green plants which are receive red wavelength light which are use full for the plants in the other word it helps to makes glucose for the plant. Like that way we can say that the solar panel which are made by us they are producing the electricity for the electrical devices. Like that way sun sends some programme codes which are received by the receivers and executed and created new applications and also some hard wares which are working inside the ecological systems. Hardware The ecological hardware means trees human beings animals etc. the basic elements which are known by us they also made from the specific wavelength frequency. By the way we all know that only the light wavelength can’t produced any things but it can generate the things which are called “software” which have no existence but it works inside the machines. But actually it is not happens. The wave length or waves have the capacity to make a hardware or hardware like the things.

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As we know photon have not any mass it only contains the energy. But according to Einstine’s formula EMC2 if we take M0 then energy also turns to zero. Like that way photon contains some energy with negligible mass which we can’t calculate. According to Edward lorrentz’s theory a negligible change can make the big different result at last. Like that way sun each and every moment send some mass or like that things which helps to make the new hardware or like that things. And also send some software which are executing inside the hardware regularly and it have also the validity periods after the specific time period it does not work. In our language we called as “dead”. Conclusion The signals which we sends one place to another place by the artificial encoder and decoders they not capacity to receive the massive particle or they have not able to change the waves to the massive data. But we have the capacity to encode and decode the energetic data which we are using to send the signals from one place to another place like internate tv radio etc. If we encode and decode the energetic data to massive data vice-versa then it is possible to send the massive things and as well as the things which we want to transfer from one place to another place in some fraction of second.

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