Different Kinds of Engineering Explained

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Different Kinds of Engineering Explained As a student considering the options for engineering college the choices are perhaps  overwhelming for you. This is because engineering is a broad term that covers a varied  range of applications and industries. Some of the most popular disciples of engineering  are as follows: 1 Agricultural Engineering: This involves the study of agricultural production and  farming. This type of engineering combines the elements of civil chemical and  mechanical engineering with plant and animal science. 2 Architectural Engineering:  In this  the  engineering  principles  are applied to  building construction and design. 3 Aerospace Engineering ­ This involves the study of air as well as space travel.  This type of engineering also includes military aircraft design  development  commercial airline design and satellite technology. 4 Biomedical   Engineering  ­   This   is   the   combinational   study   of   medicine   and  biology. This means biomedical engineers apply their design skills to medical as  well as biological sciences. 5 Biomechanical   Engineering­   This   combines   the   study   of   organisms   and  mechanics. Some of the practical applications of this type of engineering are:  keeping waterways pollution­free and environmental challenges such as waste  control. 6 Computer   Engineering:   It   is   a   combination   of   electronic   engineering   and  computer   science.   Computer   engineers   design   computer   software   as   well   as  computer hardware along with the solutions that integrate the two. 7 Civil   Engineering:   This   engineering   disciple   deals   with   the   development   of  infrastructure such as roads buildings railways canals and so on.   8 Chemical   Engineering  ­   It   is   the   practical   application   of   chemistry.   This  engineering   involves   technology   that   uses   chemical   reactions   so   as   to   solve  problems. Generally a chemical engineer will develop goods and products related  to beauty pharmaceuticals cleaners beverages etc.

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9 Electrical   Engineering:   This   is   the   study   of   electronics   electricity   and  electromagnetism. Electrical engineers design and implement various electrical/  electronic systems such as motors generators transformers circuits and so on.        10  Environmental Engineering:   This   is   one   of   the   most   pursued  engineering  disciples out there. It involves the study of both science and engineering whose purpose  is to improve the environment. In other words environmental engineering attempts to  provide healthy water air and land.        11 Industrial Engineering: This engineering deals with the development and  improvement of integrated systems.  12 Mechanical Engineering: This engineering is concerned with the design production  and use of machines and tools. Mechanical systems involved in this type of engineering  assist industries like nuclear power production aeronautics manufacturing and nano­ technology to name a few. 13Manufacturing   Engineering:   This   disciple   of   engineering   deals   with   the  design as well as maintenance of various manufacturing processes equipment  tools and machines.  14 Materials Engineering: This engineering is concerned with the ‘matter’ and  its application to both science and technology. Nano­technology is one example of  materials engineering. 15 Nuclear Engineering: It is a discipline of engineering that is concerned with  practical   applications   of   nuclear   energy.   This   involves   the   creation   and  maintenance of power plants nuclear reactors and weapons. To become a major in any of these engineering disciples it’s recommended to contact  ‘Satya Group of Institutions’ – one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR.  This  B. tech college in Delhi NCR has all types of engineering courses for national as well as  international candidates.

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