Why Organic Clothing is made for the Next-gen

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Fashion has taken a bigger turn than any other industry in the world has. Blindly following what the world follows is what most people take fashion for. But fashion is that and more.


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Dressing up For the Environment Why –is made for the Next-gen Organic Clothing


Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside

Conventional Clothes:

Conventional Clothes 5000+ chemicals 20,000+ litres = 20 conventional t-shirts

Organic Clothes:

Organic Clothes No toxic chemicals 20,000+ litres = 20 conventional t-shirts


Satva has created a symbiotic balance between people, planet, production and profits. It has adopted the all-natural approach where in the production of the trendy yet organic clothing as a symbol of sustainability. Chemicals like sulphur, heavy metals and bleaches are totally avoided in the production. Giving back to the earth from where all the material benefit to human- kind has emerged is what Satva has believed in from its existence. Satva believes in the betterment of the provider and prospect on the other end.