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Tessellation Techniques : 

Tessellation Techniques Integrating Art and Math

Introduction : 

Introduction Name Sandy Attia Placement East Fairmont Junior High School Subject Area Art Education

Strategies to ImproveTessellations : 

Strategies to ImproveTessellations According to the five year strategic plan at East Fairmont Jr. High Less students answered test items correctly than the targeted percentage correct for mastery

Guiding question : 

Guiding question Can integrating two subject areas help students learn tessellations by giving them a practical approach to learning?

Pre-test : 

Pre-test Average score 48% Based on students prior knowledge of tessellations

Study Guide To Review : 

Study Guide To Review Students learned the definition of a tessellation, and saw examples done by the artist MC Escher As a class we completed a worksheet to learn the material and to use as a study guide for the post test.

The Beginning of the Tessellation Project : 

The Beginning of the Tessellation Project Students would learn the rotational method, to create a tessellation on their own, but first we had to make a template. I did a demonstration as the students followed along, on how to cut and rotate a square to create a template

Here are the Templates the Students Made : 

Here are the Templates the Students Made

Totally Tessellated : 

Totally Tessellated Students began using their templates to create a tessellation, then outlined them with black marker.

Then Came Color : 

Then Came Color We discussed how these tessellations would be colored and how to create a pattern

Good Work Takes Time : 

Good Work Takes Time

Who Knew Math Could Be So Beautiful ? : 

Who Knew Math Could Be So Beautiful ?

A Few Wrong Turns : 

A Few Wrong Turns Some students had a difficult time either creating the tessellation or coloring it as a pattern

A Fun Way to ReviewWe played a game to review for the test the next day : 

A Fun Way to ReviewWe played a game to review for the test the next day

Post Test : 

Post Test Average Score 84% Based on results after Action Research

The Difference : 

The Difference

Changes I Would Make : 

Changes I Would Make I think this would have been more beneficial as a collaborative teaching method. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible at the time and the students were agitated and withdrawn when they had to learn math in the art room.

Reflection : 

Reflection I believe integrating subject areas proves to be beneficial to student learning Students are able to associate math with the real world situations. Students are presented with two ways of learning and can make connections in understanding the subject. Integrating subject areas makes the complex task of geometry less isolated and discouraging when paired with the application of creating art.

The End : 

The End

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